The Magic of Follow Through

October 7, 2011

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

Embodied following and leading create mutuality, joy,  deeper connection. Following gets wider movements to happen. How is your follow through?

Wing It’s Susan Main, Coke Nakamoto, Nadia Thalji, Suz Strasberger interplay with following and leading.

Following our hearts desire can be counter intuitive, yet it’s how guys like Steve Jobs create jobs. (Thank you Steve!) Stay curious. Stay foolish! Keep going. Play!

Jeff Breting (Minnesota) deepened and upped his playfulness during a season of unemployment by immersing himself in InterPlay’s Life Practice Program for a second time. He wrote,

After 8 months of being unemployed I’ll be spending this momentous occasion by starting a new engineering job.

Since the beginning of this year, my journey has put me in touch with well over 400 new people in my life, which is a large number for an introvert.

Leading and following is an InterPlay form that has helped me navigate through these many hundreds of conversations.  In my body, it feels good to lead and to be followed, it feels good to be led and to follow, and it feels good to not know who’s leading and who’s following…

Since it feels good to both lead and follow, I’ve been following my body wisdom by seeking out relationships where conversation is filled with an adequate level of shared leadership time. While I was staying at the Berkeley Hostel (Piedmont House), I shared the Leading & Following form with a housemate, and her eyes lit up as we moved our hands in shared leadership. In its pure InterPlay context, the leading and following form pretty much always causes sparks of joy.

When applied to conversations, the leading and following imagery has helped me to better navigate a wide variety of conversations with many different people.

As I follow my body wisdom by nurturing relationships where I can lead, follow, and share leadership, I am increasingly filled with the joy that comes with satisfying relationships.

There are 5 movements in healthy interaction. We practice them when we improvise.

  • Are you leading?
  • Are you following?
  • Are you finding the magical blend?
  • Are you letting go?
  • Are you reconnecting?

What do you want more of today? Even dancing alone you do all five: Initiate, follow through, lose yourself, change, follow to the next place.

Take a minute to follow into a dance or rest with Roy Todd’s composition, “Pure Delight.”

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…