May 29 09: Wisdom of the S-ages

May 28, 2009

mother baby sealPhoto by Don Moseman

Use these elements to have your own Friday morning InterPlay experience!

Connecting to the Dance poem
Old Swingers YouTube   video
Dance on Behalf of All Generations to Linda Breitag’s song, “Simple Things Are Holy”   movement and song
InterPlay Tale by Pat Pothier- age 83   story
Dance poem
Raise a Hand in Blessing movement


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh….

Connecting to the Dance by Laura Shagalov, gr 5, Hopkins, MN
(found on the Internet by Marlys, age 13.5 billion years old. Check out her website:

I dance on land while
The dolphins dance in water while
The trees sway in sunlight while
The pigs roll in mud while
The bats fly in darkness while
The flowers sway in wind while
The shoes dance on feet while
The letters move in words while
The heat dances on the sun while
The candles dance on cakes while
The rabbits jump on moonlit snow —
When the dancing starts,
It can never be stopped!

Old Swingers YouTube
thanks to Joan Reynolds

Dance on Behalf of All Generations

Bring one hand into contact with your other hand.
Push them together then pull.
Palms together, let your hands move in union.
Open the space between them.
Let them make still shape. Move from shape to shape.
The hands don’t need to match each other.
Let your two hands move however they want to.
Like different generations hands do their best work
when they can create beauty together.
Now dance on behalf of young and old with two hands
to Linda Clare Breitag’s song Simple Things are Holy

(This song is from her album “Feet to the Fire”, which you can purchase from the InterPlay store.
Stay tuned for a new album coming from Linda Clare Breitag soon!

My Decade of InterPlay  by Pat Pothier. age 83

“I want to Dance!”, I said to my spiritual/psychological InterPlayer mentor (Rev Dr Bonnie Ring). She replied, “Talk to Cynthia Winton/Henry”.

In the Fall of my seventy third year, I was registered in a beginning InterPlay class.  My first trip to the studio in the dark streets of West Oakland found me excited, scared and open to what ever was to come.  By the end of that first class, I was ready to commit my body/spirit to this wonderful way of being.

Since that first class, I have continued to learn InterPlay forms and to grow from each new experience.  I had no previous dance or voice training, but I learned that I could dance quite gracefully and sing with a soft clear voice.  After the beginning class, I enrolled in more classes: vocal, performance, gifted/sensitive bodies, discerning my path, eneagram, healing. After two years of growth through InterPlay, Cynthia suggested that I might want to enroll in the Leadership Program with a goal of using InterPlay as a way to lead my life.  This sounded just right for me and soon I was attending my first Untensive at Isis which was followed by our first leadership group experience.  Our group of women ranged widely in age and life experience, but we all had the same commitment to growth through InterPlay.  Our first sessions in the Fall of 2001 were disrupted by the tragedy of 9/11, however, we were blessed with having our group for support during those stressful times.

Early in 2002, I read the invitation to InterPlay in Australia and said to myself that’s what I want to do.  I talked with Cynthia who supported my interest, and I asked my son to accompany me on the trip and to snorkel with me on the Great Barrier Reef. (A long held dream coming true).  The week with US and OZ InterPlayers was truly amazing.  I was the oldest person and probably the one with the least performance experience, however, I felt accepted and learned so much from the others.  Our performance of UBBH was certainly the climax of the week, but the loving, playing contact with this amazing group of InterPlayers was a forever experience.

In the Fall of that year, I experienced a health challenge that restricted my involvement in InterPlay actitivies, however, I was introduced to yet another creative path to explore.  Pam Falkowski introduced me to improvisational art, which I could do and enjoy.  From this introduction, I went on to study this amazing art expression with Katherine Kunst.  Little did I suspect that I would become an artist as well as a performing dancer and singer!

Now ten years after my first class, I am still an active, growing InterPlayer.  I can’t do all the activities and classes that I used to, but I cherish our Monday women’s group led by Penny Mann and Susan Main.  Each week we experience an hour and a half of playing, dancing, singing, and exforming in a safe, caring environment.  Over the years that we have been together, we have formed strong bonds of connection.  This bond allows us to express some of the most deeply felt experiences in our complex lives as women from the age of eighty nine to thirty. About a year and a half ago, I was again having some health issues and felt that it might be time for me to move to a retirement residence near my children.  I returned from a weekend of exploring a facility in Santa Cruz that was quite nice, but I felt something was lacking.  As we were beginning our warm up in class on that Monday, I broke out laughing.  I said first to myself and then to the group, “I can’t go where people don’t know how to play!”  Each Monday our women’s group experience is filled with fun, mystery and a deep spiritual connection that I have not found before in my eighty three years!

Dancing by Sam Polglaze 5, Scandia, MN

The electrons dance
on the atoms
on the cells
on the organs
on me
on the houses
on the towns
on the cities
on the countries
on the worlds
on the solar systems
on the galaxies
and everything

Raise A Hand in Blessing

When we dance hand to hand we often practice opening the space between us. We can feel our connection even when we aren’t right together.
 Raise a hand in blessing. Turn in a full circle (or not) and know that others are sending blessings to you too.

Taking a deep Breath and Letting it out with a Sigh……


Want more? Hear InterPlay great grandma Susan Gettler at (scroll down the homepage to see her video!)

Enrollments are open for the Summer Camp for Continual Creatives with Cynthia Winton-Henry & Sharon Pavelda June 23-25 and InterPlay with Your Ancestors with Cynthia and Masankho July 9-12, both at InterPlayce in Oakland.

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May 22 09: A Time to Savor

May 21, 2009
Savoring InterPlay outdoors in Australia

Savoring InterPlay outdoors in Australia

Use these five elements to have your own Friday morning InterPlay experience!

Voice of the Universe by Shazam  song
One Hand Dance on Rest and Unrest
BodyPsalm on Savoring by Celeste Snowber   poem
A Tutu Tale by Cassandra Sagan   story
Raise Your Hand in Blessing movement


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

Voice of the Universe
Shazam (aka Suzanne Cimone), a member of WING IT! Performance Ensemble, composed this song for InterPlayer Marlys Tobias’ masters thesis project: Grandmother’s Creating the Universe.
Voice of the Universe

A Hand Dance on Behalf of Rest and Unrest

Its all around us. Rest and Unrest. Restless and Resting.
Raise on hand in the air.
For ten seconds move it smooth.
For ten seconds move it smooth and quick.
For a moment move it in a jerky way
Move it jerky and slow.
Hold your hand in a still shape then let the shape change to another one.
Bring your hand into contact with your own skin.
With one hand, dance on behalf of the rest and unrest in all of us.
Notice what rises from the dance.

Bodypsalm for Savoring
by Celeste Snowber, Vancouver BC, May 4, 2009

Enough is Enough
it is way too much doing, thinking, producing
and thinking about doing more when it may
be time to do less
be less, lessen and here is the lesson
You have already produced more beauty, generosity and
work through one creative endeavor or another for several lifetimes
not to mention children you have raised, parents you have attended to
gardens you have planted, literally and metaphorically
and brought more people, projects and passions to ripening
than can be counted
you are past counting
and now it is time to be countless
and perhaps be a countess

Relax into a place of knowing
that you have already
done enough
and now is the time to


Savor all the ways you have worked with your whole heart
and loved with your whole heart:
mothers, fathers, siblings, friends, children, lovers, spouses and
even those who have left your life through natural or unnatural causes

Accept all your luxurious beauty of soulfulness that has wrapped
around those you have hold in your heart
and all the efforts you have made to follow meaning
in the world through work, words, worries and wantings

Vibrate with all that is going through you –
the rise and fall of internal waves
crashes of questions
hormonal fluctuations in a sea of ripenings

Own both your shortcomings and accomplishments
which means to name and rename what you truly
have done, don’t dismiss it in light of living into the unknown
Others own all your wonder, it is time for you to own it too

Relinquish the need to be superwoman or superman
have a funeral for doing too much
and celebrate not doing in some way
Enjoy being and know you are being formed into a wise one

You are being called to drink from the cup of serene
Each gesture is an act of love
a counteraction to a world of overdoing
an addiction to doing one more thing

when all along
the love in your eyes
the way you behold
who and what you love
is the fragrance of
the One who gave
the beautiful scent
of you.

A Tutu Tale
From Cassandra Sagan, Portland, Oregon

Our chant group got to lead Reb Shlomo Carlebach’s Shalom chant as part of an interfaith multicultural concert “opening” for a talk by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  I’m sure many/most/all of you have experienced him before. He is such an InterPlayer! Playful and loving and most of all, simple. He had a simple message and he told simple stories, standard spiritual stories we’ve all heard. He teased himself, he is such an imp! And yet he has been part of one of the most dramatic freedom stories on the planet, a story of transformation that is so inspiring, so hopeful, so previously unimaginable. And when a panelist, after the talk, asked him what he thought about Barack Obama’s election, he DANCED in his seat, for a few minutes, just boogied and boogalooed and had us all cheering and laughing. When I was chanting I was just about 8 feet in front of him and got to look at him and chant with him.

Raise A Hand in Blessing

When we dance hand to hand we often practice opening the space between us. We can often feel that connection even when we aren’t right together.
Raise a hand in blessing. Turn in a full circle (or not) and know that others are sending blessings to you too.

Taking a deep Breath and Letting it out with a Sigh……