Couple InterPlay!

May 10, 2013

Celeste & Franklin, the Happy CoupleOccasionally people meet in InterPlay and not only get playmates but a love mate. (Thanks to Gay Guard-Chamberlain for doll art!) That happened to Leslie and Eris and Jurgen and Debra. Do couples who InterPlay have a better chance of making it through tough times? My relationships with husband Stephen and collaborator Phil are still lively after 30 years.

Tough times? Randall and Sharon are literally InterPlaying in and out of ICU, doctor’s offices and cancer treatment!

Fred and Harriet have also been dancing for a while and sent this youtube to our InterPlay India leader Hazel and her new husband in India!

Even one partner InterPlaying can shift the F factor in a partnership or family. That being said, the more the merrier. If your partner doesn’t want to play like you do, play with that! And then go play. You probably need some laughs, hugs, affirmation, creative energy, and an embodied field of hope.

What’s your favorite InterPlay partner moment?

happy friday!