The biggest and cheapest therapy: DANCE!

September 13, 2013

Welcome to InterPlay’s Virtual Friday breather!

Thanks Pam Falkowski for sending this incredible affirmation of why we dance!


Everytime I skype with someone I use some InterPlay. My favorite is to just dance together.

Even though we’re far apart lets imagine that everyone is dancing with you RIGHT NOW to this music from InterPlayer Shezam Susanne Simone!

InterPlay everyday!  See



Cancer Dancers

September 6, 2013

Tiffany is not an InterPlayer. But she might deserve a spirit of InterPlay Award. Interviewed on CBC Television in Toronto, Canada about her Dancing Through Cancer video listen to her talk about the power of having a witness (on video camera)…and how even dancing on the days she feels down helps her every single time.  ELCLICKO!

Shall we take a minute to dance on behalf of loved ones and InterPlayers DANCING with CANCER!

Add their names to the comments below.

If you are new to this idea try a one hand dance. Here’s the instructions.

Join in with the music of THE BIG SEA!

For more on the power of dance and creativity to carry us through the most challenging times check out the Body Wisdom Board President, Sheila Collins new book, Warrior Mother!

Cover image of moving memoir.