Soul food without Calories

September 30, 2011

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh….

Shake out an arm, shake out the other arm. Shake out whatever you are sitting on. Holding on makes it hard to let in more life.
REMINDER TO SELF…Shake it out….Breathe…..

The bodyspirit needs nutrition: beauty, fun, love. Been moved today? Share it in a three sentence story in the comments!

Witnessing is different from “looking at or trying to figure someone out. Notice the witness in this youtube (thanks Elizabeth Mendana)

Witnessing practice

1. Ease up on visual intensity, Wheeeeee

2. Open peripheral vision, relax into those body-to-body mirror neurons.

3. Next, witness the movement or stillness of an object, tree, animal or person along with a slice of musical pie.

Give the gift of witnessing and affirming someone today. Witnesses change the world. Need more witnessing? Check out

Raise a hand as others dance with you across time and space!


Dance Real

September 23, 2011

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…..That’s real.

Shake out one hand. Shake out the other…..for real.

Embodiment has a gift. Getting REAL. Love it or hate it, dancing for real is a NO APOLOGY affair.

I wiegh___, I’m __tall, I’m __old, I’m located at ___. And that’s where I dance today.

Remember the Velveteen Rabbit? Realness works with LOVE.

What is your body wisdom about being real? Can you move and ground yourself in your reality? Can you shift your reality? Lighten it?

On the other hand, wheeeee,  life is UNREAL!

Take a deep breath, let it out with a sigh, and dance with Rumi–

with eyes shut, wide open. Today is the day we have. Shall we dance with a hand or dance our whole day?

Can’t dance, let me know and I’ll dance on your behalf!

Comment about dancing real? Please share.

Open This InterPlay Birthday Present

September 16, 2011

Yahoo! InterPlay turns 22!

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…
Thanks InterPlay for leading us to breathe though the ups and downs. Happy Birthday!

Shake out one hand. Shake out the other.
Thanks InterPlay for the chance to shake out whatever we’re sitting on! Happy Birthday!

Hello Voice, Move, Story, Stillness, Touch!
Thanks InterPlay for nudging us over speed bumps of uncertainty and self-consciousness into new wild, and fun ways to be present to ourselves, each other, life!

Surprise! You are the Present! Open and celebrate!!!!

(Gratitude to Marshall Davis’ CD, Arise From Within and Phil Porter for creating this!)

Want to gift InterPlay a birthday present?

  • Put a wish for the next 22 years in the comments.
  • Go to InterPlay’s Facebook Page, like it as a fan, and toot its horn.
  • Donate to support InterPlay leadership in schools, prisons, support groups, communities and non-profits round the world!
  • Donate art for a Y-art sale. Send it to InterPlayce: 2273 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94612.
  • Log some InterPlay connections! We’ve logged over 250,000 since Sept 2009!
  • Last but not least, sing with Trish Watts on behalf of play and peace wherever it arises today and in the future in Dream Together!

Happy Birthday InterPlay and Body Wisdom! Thanks a million for dreaming us up!

Ritual for 9/11 In Five Movements

September 9, 2011

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

For many in the US it is a time to ponder, confess, and memorialize our relationship to fear since 9/11. How vigilant do we need to be? What creates safety? InterPlay increases security by creating connection in many ways, even as we play with life challenges.

The Caution Tape Ritual served to memorialize victims of violent crimes, support homeless seniors who long for peace, grieve the death of Oscar Grant in Oakland,  challenge diverse women in ministry, and others.

Listen to the Music of Soyinka Rahim as you Move Through the ritual sequence

Movement One: We move the roll of caution tape through the people. They grab on. ( with music or poetry or a bell)

Movement Two: We lift and view the web of caution we create.

Movement Three: We lower the tape and stand in silence. (Dancers may move into shape and stillness to music)

photo by Carly Rosin

Movement Four: We let go of the tape to connect to each other instead, with movement or simple hand to hand connection.  (music poetry or a flute)

photo by Carly Rosin

Movement Five: We take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

Hum or move with this powerful, comforting song of peace created by InterPlayer Amanda O’Connor.

What if we could for one minute a day we could really release our sense of fear? Then we would have

Movement Six:  Throwing Caution to the Wind…

Hymn to the Belly

September 2, 2011

Take a deep breath. Let it out with a sigh. Do this again with deep belly gladness!

Elizabeth Mendana (Vashon Island, WA) shares a DT3 (dance, talk, dance, talk, dance) in honor of pregnant, big bellyness.

The belly wants to move, to sing rainbows into those deep organs.

Ben Jonson says in Hymn to the Belly

ROOM! room! make room for the bouncing Belly, First father of sauce and deviser of jelly; Prime master of arts and the giver of wit, That found out the excellent engine, the spit, The plough and the flail, the mill and the hopper, The hutch and the boulter, the furnace and copper, The oven, the bavin, the mawkin, the peel, The hearth and the range, the dog and the wheel. He, he first invented the hogshead and tun, The gimlet and vice too, and taught ’em to run; And since, with the funnel and hippocras bag, He’s made of himself that now he cries swag; Which shows, though the pleasure be but of four inches, Yet he is a weasel, the gullet that pinches Of any delight, and not spares from his back Whatever to make of the belly a sack. Hail, hail, plump paunch! O the founder of taste, For fresh meats or powdered, or pickle or paste! Devourer of broiled, baked, roasted or sod! And emptier of cups, be they even or odd! All which have now made thee so wide i’ the waist, As scarce with no pudding thou art to be laced; But eating and drinking until thou dost nod, Thou break’st all thy girdles and break’st forth a god.

Relax your belly and let it be soft. Take a deep breath in honor of soft centers!

Dance in honor of the belly full and the belly not full,
on behalf of hunger
or what waits to be born from the belly of love.

Need belly help from mirror neurons? Here’s the same music. Follow the beach belly dancer!

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh!

Send Elizabeth and Theron some belly love in the comments: wishes, dances, youtubes! THEY ARE DUE  ANY DAY! Or help them out! (Wishpot…I love that name for a registry.)