Sing for a New Day! 12/21/12

December 21, 2012
OH AUSPICIOUS DAY! Let’s sing a Yoruba Love Song to the Earth “Ise Oluwa”.

Sing synchronously at 9am (22nd) in Australia, US-4:00pm Central 5pm Eastern, 3pm Mountain, 2pm Pacific) OR ANYTIME!!!!!!!!

Ise oluwa, koley bajey o.
Pronunciation: eee-shea oh-lu-wah, koh-leh bah-jey-o.

Translates: That which Creator has made (or that which has been created)

can never be destroyed.

Watch the video and dance or croon to the tune
with Gratitude to Shyla Nelson and the Good Earth Singers for putting forth this call to listen and sing.

Ise Oluwa - One Earth. One Voice.: A Global Call to Action: December 21, 2012

Make wide the pivotal moment,
Breathe deep in times of change.

Return to the wisdom of the body.
Our CPR for the planet: Create, play, and rest MORE.
Do less. Make space for synchronicity.
Surprise and Spontaneity are how the light gets through.
Learn how to InterPlay everyday



December 14, 2012

InterPlayers are A OK if our only entertainment is each other. Every bit of us is usable. Better yet, all movement, voice, story, stillness, heart, and soul can get offered up for joy, love, and truth no matter how banged up we are.

What landfill have you overlooked? What if its the source of new music?

Check out to learn how a family reunion, party, business meeting, retreat, or snow day can be transformed into a hilarious, hopeful harmonic convergence!  Talk about the SHIFT of the Ages!

Step one: Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…….
Step two: Shake out whatever you are sitting on……
Step three: Make sounds like a fake violin for 20 seconds AND change the way we all see the day!