Give Eyes, Feet, Heart

May 27, 2011

Take a deep breath. Let it out with a loooooong sigh…..

All My Body Calls

All my body calls
for something in this sleeping
we call the spirit.

But how
from lifted arms
where stars run through fingers
and the night is like sand
do I breathe a fragrance of its wisdom
do I call its name
or listen to the drops
that trickle down to earth
and hear
life being given
not only through the moving hands of the forest
but through the hand that reaches in
the dark unmoving regions of the chest
and uncovers slowly
the enormous
shape of the ocean.

~ David Whyte ~

Sit back, witness, and breathe in a beautiful view with a song that strikes a chord.

Give Eyes, Feet, Heart to what lies within. We’ll play the same song again, but this timeclose your eyes and do a one hand dance, or stand and move all of you. You may feel things, sense things, and if you open your inner eyes, you may see things. Believe what you notice!

Honoring what your eyes, feet, heart know, take another deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

Enjoy your weekend!

For support to give “all of you” to life check out InterPlay! Phil is leading a workshop on the Unbelievable Beauty of Being Human in Chicago June 16-18!


Move Your Muffin

May 20, 2011
Monday Muffin

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Take a deep breath, let it out with a sigh, and move your muffin.

You are amazing. You can babble about anything and you can move anything.

Move your muffin! To get somewhere consider the most delightful, ridiculous way to do it.

Stand up. Shake out whatever you sit on.
For 20 seconds generate your own bit of alternative energy:
move in a crazy way, or create an unusual path!
It’s your secret passage to getting somewhere new!

Shoot a blessing out in any direction! Muffin Mover’s Unite.

Unity Prayer a la George Harrison

May 13, 2011

Nadia from Brazil invites you to take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.

Anything to shake out? Go for it……
shake out a hand, then the other
shake out a leg, then the other…
shake out whatever you’re sitting on….
Shake out your voice….
Ready to open your space?
Extend your arms, up and out.

Join the grand experiment: To change your experience, change your practice. A small change makes a world of difference!


What can happen when hands join together? In a Warriors Without Weapons project in Brazil 40 people took a month to clean out the toxic dump in an old building and turn it into a community center.  There were a few rules. They could only work 15 minutes a day,  had to do it with the group, singing had to be involved and I don’t think they could spend any money.  Amazing things happened.  But what was the biggest thing? Allowing some thing other than willpower and work to lead them. But what?

Hand to hand,
heart to heart
mystery, joy, life art!

When hands come together we literally tap power greater than ourselves. Whose hands join with you to create a vision, idea, work, dream, connection, relationship?  Imagine a dance with them, even from afar, to gather strength and support for your common endeavor. Email or text them to let them know that you are about to dance with them in mind on behalf of your co-creation.

Notice. You may enjoy writing and sharing anything you noticed (3 sentences) with your collaborator(s).

The Unity Prayer

I put my hand in yours
and together we can do
what we could never do alone.

No longer is there a sense of

No longer must we each
depend upon our own unsteady will

We are all together now
reaching out with our hands
for a power and strength, greater than ours.

And, as we join hands
we find love and understanding
beyond our wildest dreams.

Take a deep breath. Let it out with a sigh.

Creative spirit, grant me the clarity to ponder, 
“How can I make this smaller and simpler?”
The wisdom to know when to stop pondering
And the audacity to leap into pure experience.
~Isabelle A. Sayed, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach

Move Ur Body

May 6, 2011

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.

More and more, I want to get my heart going. InterPlay helps me stay fit.

Michelle Obama launched “Move Your Body” to support U.S. kids. Apparently, we all get sluggish.

Hey, Move Your Body!

You can follow along any way you can. If you move, others are moved. It’s how change happens! MOVE YOUR BODY! No need to do it right. Faking it is making it!

Thanks to Beyonce for this Move Your Body music with its eight missions. (And hey if you’re not American wave your own flag….It’s the first lady’s prerogative to make health a national priority. We sure need it!)

Mission One: Put your knees up in the sky.

Mission Two: Shuffle to the right to the left

Mission Three: Put your own little swag in it.

Mission Four: Jump rope


Mission Five: Move your hips!

Mission Six: Turn around!

Mission Seven: Break it down.

Mission Eight: Snap Your Fingers

Move Your Body!

Run to the left Run to the right

To really follow watch this

Have a kid in Oakland?  Send them to Our Thing Summer Arts Camp with Soyinka Rahim  at InterPlayce, Oakland, CA • Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, June 20-24, 2011. Or support a kid who’d love to come but needs support like one of those kids above.. You can donate online to the Million Connections Campaign here. or email us and let us know of your intention at

For more on the Move Your Body story see