Come and Get it! Tongue and Taste Wisdom

February 25, 2011

” Oh wonderful, oh wonderful, oh wonderful! I am food, I am food, I am food!” Taittirya Upanishad

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

Warm up your face– more muscles there than anywhere.

Moving right along, lets hear it for “t and t,” tongue and taste buds!

Body Data Practice: What do you taste? Which of six tastes is it closest to?

sour– bitter–sweet– pungent– salty–umami (savory)? mmmmmmmm.

Inner authority? In the morning I like pungent tea with sugar, savory seedy bread with salty peanut butter. NOTHING BITTER!  Some of you are totally into taste!~ You know who you are. Thank You!  Like Katharine Kunst, (see above) InterPlayer in Berkeley, who shares tons of foodie wisdom on her blog Keepers: Recipes Worth Keeping.

They say sweetness is the last taste to go. See…there is a god.

Raise a hand in connection to dance and sing in honor of the magnificent tongue with help from Bert and Ernie’s La la la’s. I’ve heard it said, that playful eating is at the heart of peacemaking. YUM!

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How to Let Go

February 18, 2011

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh

Lets play with letting go…..Hey we just did it!  Let out another SIIIIIIGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH

Body Wisdom: It’s a crazy world. We get tight. We gotta get support to let go, let loose, let up, let down!”Learn the mystery of surrender and trust, and then it will be done unto you,through you, with you, in you and very often, in spite of you.”
–Richard Rohr from Things Hidden

Fortunately, the mystery of surrender is close at hand. InterPlay is here, to save the day!
Do like Trish….Wheeeee!

Stop! It’s a fast way to let go of an old action.

Ahhhhh, I stop.
Finally, let loose!
Just a little movement untangles our hold on things.
Why not offer whatever you are holding into the hands of a power greater than your self?
Letting Go is about opening up, creating more space, and freedom. It’s a body thing!

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Movin that Love Connection

February 11, 2011

*Sing like a ten year old. Give love a voice!

*Laugh your love into the world!
*Babble it in made up words!
*Dance it!
*Soak in it!
*a 20 second hand dance

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…..
so many ways to move the love connection. Choose one below!

Sing like a ten year old. Give love a voice!

Laugh your love into the world!

Babble it in made up words!

Dance it!

Soak in it!

In a 20 second hand dance send love to
1) someone you know
2) someone you don’t know
with Karen Drucker’s song, I Send My Love
I send my love over the mountains, I send my love over the sea I send my love into the heavens, And it returns to me.

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.

Thank you Divine Instruments of Spirit People in Seattle for the bit from Karen Drucker!

Pray With Your Feet

February 4, 2011

Mom and me toe to toe.

Mom and me toe to toe.

I prayed for twenty years
but received no answer
until I prayed with my feet.
–Frederick Douglass

Escaping from slavery, Douglas became a leader of the abolitionist movement, known for dazzling oratory.


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

“As you head outside, let your feet pway.” Elmer Fudd

Where will your feet pray today?

Follow along with these Happy Feet!

Body Wisdom Reflection: Pray With Your Feet

Look down at your feet. That’s where your sole is.
Kick up your heels on behalf all who create, play, and rest today!
Tony Orlando: Bless You!

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.


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