Where does the body go?

February 24, 2012

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh….

I’ve been dancing with mourning. Want to play with that? People do. Almost every movie pivots around grief and death.

Where does the body go when we sleep or die? Does the light body move onward? What if it’s all movement?

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Asheville InterPlayer Joy Anna Hodges offers

Really a River

My love, I cannot help being a poet.
It rains and my ears wake me to listen to the soul’s lullaby.
My heart runs away repeatedly
  to wander the mountains in my distant gaze.
Though my attention be called back to the task at hand,
my spirit has already escaped and romps wildly
  through hills and fields.
Really though, I am a river.
Still and calm on the surface
but underneath run deep emotions, blind movement, a strong tide
  that just rolls on.
I cannot dam my lips when my soul floods over.
I cannot stop the stream from flowing when life pulls me on.
Each pebble and stick, I feel
as we roll down the path backwards, frontways, side over side.
Hands and feet and hair and toes all tangle,
lips taste every slice of sunshine and speck of mud.
Tossed between below and above, I rage a silent roar
as I scream, cry, and sleep my way
full and alone.
How can water be so thirsty? And yet I am…
parched for ground to swallow and seep.
I want to make mud of this world,
soggy seeds until they burst with life.
I watch fields dryly all season
until the anguish of jealousy and desire
ruptures the banks and I soak everything I see.
I cry.
Jump into me with your eyes closed.
Feel the sunshine on your back as you pierce summer’s stifling air
with your body; immerse yours in mine.
Face the darkness of the earth beneath us and slide
into this cool embrace.
Let us dance in the silent darkness of souls,
sparking light when our heels graze space
and our fingers stroke breezes that swirl
invisible through time.

The One Hand Dance
In one hand we see the river of life.  Does the hand continue to dance after life? In honor of the dance and our questions

• bring one hand in the air.
• move is slow and smooth.
• move it fast.
• move it in a jerky way.
• move it jerky and slow.
• place your hand in a shape. Take another shape.
• connect with your body and let the connection move.
Move any way you want and let your hand be a leaf on the river, a feather in the wind.
Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…. a feather on the breath of life!
In the dance,

Scout and Stillness to the Rescue

February 10, 2012

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

Play this.

Cynthia is out of commission due to a death in the family. See her at Mystic Tech to share condolences. Meanwhile, Scout is here to save the day!

Stillness is such an important principle in InterPlay as it is in life and Scout — the Wonder PlayDog — knows this better than most. He gets how important it is to nap (he sleeps about 16 hours per day!) and will sit in stillness for a long time (especially if there’s a treat involved!).

Scout chooses a card from The InterPlay Inspiration Deck almost every day and it’s surprising how often he gets “Stillness”. (I know you’re wondering how he picks a card without an opposable thumb, but that’s a secret.)

During our Northern Hemisphere — specifically Pennsylvania, USA — Winter, Scout enjoys the stillness created by the chilled and snowy landscape. He’s also amazed at how there is always movement even in what he calls stillness.

Try emulating Scout and his stillness as you listen to this improvisation (by Stan Stewart) aptly called Pre Caffeine.

Take another deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

For more on Stan and his music visit him at Muz4Now!