Scout, the WonderPlay Dog, Returns!

October 14, 2011
Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.
Scout the Wonder PlayDog is back. He’ll substitute a yawn for a sigh and shake it all out!
Scout’s favorite season is Autumn. Either he or his cameraman is pretty excited about it. What’s your favorite season?
Is there something you are excited about right now? Enjoy noticing whatever is true for you.
No matter where he is or where he’s going, Scout is always ready for the next adventure.
And, the truth is that we may not always be ready for everything. When those moments come along, we can be prepared to let go of needing to be ready and simply notice what’s happening right now. As you listen to this improvised piano piece by Stan Stewart, enjoy stretching a hand or your whole body into the idea of letting go.

For more — including “Scout through the seasons” — check out his playlist at
Playful blessings!

Breathe In Gratitude

March 18, 2011

Take a deep breath in…..and let it out with a sigh.

Today, we won’t take for granted the air we breathe. It is the beginning and end of our dance, song, and heart.

Play the shruti box as you give voice to Stan Stewart’s poem below.

From Stan Stewart for Anita Bondi

When the mouth opens
And partakes of the air about it,
Anticipation fills the void.
For in the song, there is no

It is full:
Of you, of itself, of the world.
This song, each song,
Sung by the new singer.

For temerarious muscle
Must move and connective
Tissue alongside vocal organs
Will tremble with the sounds
This body is evoking.

“I am me.” The song cries.
It does not matter what literal
Words are uttered. This is the
Real song.

“I am my own self and I claim
This breath, this air, this soundwave,
This energetic moment as
A true expression of me.”
Even the humming, the wordless song recites
This mantra.

Then, as the sound of the song
Abates, the impassioned and
Invigorated self knows the empowerment
Of “I am” and the singer
Soon enough
Longs to repeat the act
Of singing
Once again.

InterPlay Practice: Breath by Breath Warmup and Song

  • Take a deep breath. As you sigh let out a long tone.
  • Inhale and on the exhale let the tone wander.
  • Deep breath in and squirm your face and voice around.
  • Deep breath. Let your voice wander fast.
  • Deep breath, tone with consonant noises
  • Deep breath, and mix tones and consonants
  • Now breath by breath tone on behalf of air, water, earth, or whatever comes.

Let spirit move and sing again as the shruti bellows its support.

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Train Your Joy Body coming this Friday

October 22, 2010

Theron Shaw, InterPlay's Development Guy

*Body Wisdom
Train Your Joy Body
Bring a hand up in connection
*Love Opens


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.

Wheeeeee. Let’s Train!

(Thank you Tony Hole)

Body Wisdom:

Joy is a constant underground, embodied river. But sometimes we forget. Celebration, community, music, dance, making something, another person, a good game, a divine moment, a win can tap it. Still, we get rusty. Joy is a body thing, a gift of being human. Why wait to unleash it? Even those who grieve need it.

Train Your Joy Body

Behold the beauty around you. It beholds you.

Let the Reassurance of Westcott and Rodway, lead you into

silence or

the dance of one hand or your whole being or

humming or toning or


If that didn’t do it try…

(Sorry about that evil twin bit at the end)

Bring a hand up in connection to those all around:  friends, playmates, challenging partners.

Move a hand to this chant from Mary Grigolia, UU minister, InterPlay friend.

Love opens up our bodies

and Love opens our spirits

and love opens our hearts

We’re seeds of love, we’re seeds of love.

Celebrate the love the births the seed

Comfort one another when we grief

Greet each day together with the need to

share this love, to share this love.

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.


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It’s time for some EASY FOCUS

January 22, 2010

Easy Focus Is list/poem
Her Story/Our Story story/video
Shape and Stillness vide0/ movement meditation

Created by: Anita Bondi and Stan Stewart’s Monday night Improv Lab
We are lucky to have a great group of people to play with on a weekly basis.  They love improvisation and exploration.  Some nights we dig deep and some nights we play light.  Some weeks we have a theme and some weeks we let the theme arise from what is going on with the group.  We always have live music, exceptional leadership, and tons of gratitude for the gift of InterPlay. This week we spent the night playing with Easy Focus.  Here are a few of our musings.


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh….

Easy Focus is list/poem
~all and nothing
~when it blurs together
~soft, like warm dough
~a lovely reminder
~harder inside than outside
~relaxing and beyond the head
~sometimes challenging
~ right brain
~ahhh and breath
~a playful swing

Her Story story
(from the newly released InterPlay Inspiration Deck)

When Easy Focus was a little girl she used to lie in the grass for hours, softening her eyes and noticing how many different shapes she could see in the clouds.  As a grown up, she found that the secret to seeing the “bigger picture” was as easy as recreating the focus she had practiced as a child. Easy Focus knows that everything and everyone are connected in one big spiral dance.  When she forgets, she just grabs that tense, scrunched-up place between her eyebrows, throws her hand into the air, and yells, “Wheeeee!”

Our Story video

After Easy Focus told us her story, we had a chance to tell her ours.  Some of us decided to send her a postcard (one of our favorite InterPlay verbal forms).  We lined up and took turns.  Watch and enjoy or add your own!

Shape and Stillness video/ movement meditation

Begin to watch this video of our class doing easy focus shape and stillness with your hard “focuser”.  Just watch one person, switch to another person.  Now, begin to soften your focus and take in the entire scene.  Expand your senses and hear the music.  Engage more easy focus and see the room you are in right now and your body in the space.  Begin to join the dance by making your own shapes either seated or standing.  As the music ends bring your hand into the air.  Pause for a moment and notice your shape, the air around you, the silence.  As you turn in a circle, keep an easy focus and see all those with you blessing you as you bless them.

Today, easy focus is your friend!

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.


Note: Anita Bondi and Stan Stewart are certified InterPlay leaders who live in the Pocono Mountains in PA.  They have an Improv Lab that meets every Monday at 7:30pm.  Anyone wishing to visit and join is always welcome to come, play, and stay overnight!  Anita has just released The InterPlay Inspiration Deck, which is proving to be a wonderful tool for introducing people to InterPlay, a daily dose of InterPlay for personal practice, a guide for Focus Sessions, not to mention a great gift!  To order one, go to or visit the InterPlay website. Anita also makes InterPlay jewelry and is happy to design one especially for you!  Stan is having a great time creating weekly improvisational music with his looper and the many instruments he brings along with him. This week he was heard playing a few different tin cans and even his iphone!  He is available to do workshops in Improvisational music and singing.  He would be happy to travel to you!  Get in touch with him and/or purchase some of his music on the Mandala Designs website. Find Stan and Anita at

Side By Side

November 19, 2009

This image comes from the newly created InterPlay Inspiration Deck by Anita Bondi

The Story of Side by Side story

The Orangutan and the Hound Dog video

Dancing Side By Side/Raise a Hand in Blessing Movement


Take a deep breath… let it out with a sigh

The Story of Side by Side story
(From the newly released InterPlay Inspiration Deck)

Side by Side are best friends who have always been together. They were born on the same street, went to the same schools, and now live in the same green-colored apartment building in San Francisco.  They like almost all the same foods, work for the same company and even vacation together.  Side by Side consider themselves extremely lucky, having mastered the fine art of being totally themselves while being together.  They are 100% real and authentic with each other. They know that they are happier together than apart, and so they keep it that way!

The Orangutan and the Hound Dog video

Sometimes our friends and playmates are just like us and sometimes they seem to be completely different. What matters is our desire to exist side by side with whomever we choose. Enjoy this video demonstrating that we really do know who we want to be and who makes us feel good, even if the rest of the world says we don’t belong together…

Dancing Side By Side/Raise a Hand in Blessing Movement

Picture three people that you like to be with and imagine yourself dancing with them.  Have fun dancing side by side while listening to Stan Stewart’s musical improvisation  (created in an InterPlay class for a walk, stop, run on the practice of side by side).

Side by Side improvised by Stan Stewart

As you finish, hold a moment of stillness, raise a hand in blessing, turn a full circle, and see all of those side by side you smiling and supporting you!

Take a deep breath… let it out with a sigh



This week’s post is created by Anita Bondi and Stan Stewart, InterPlay Leaders in PA. Anita is most excited about her newly created and released InterPlay Inspiration Deck. To find out more or purchase your own set, visit Stan is having a blast with his newest musical toy: a looper!  (That is what he used to create the song above!!) Purchase Stan’s music at

For anyone in Oakland and the surrounding area–you are invited to a book release party! Hear Cynthia Winton-Henry read from her new book and meet Anita Bondi and Stan Stewart and the InterPlay Inspiration Deck. This event is at InterPlayce, Saturday Nov 21, 4-6 pm and is free!

The Festival Inside

June 3, 2009

June 5 09: The Festival Inside

Dorothy Finegan, InterPlayer/Juggler at an InterPlay Earth Day Teach-in at Georgian Court University, New Jersey

Dorothy Finegan, InterPlayer/Juggler at an InterPlay Earth Day Teach-in at Georgian Court University, New Jersey

Use these elements to have your own Friday morning InterPlay experience!

The Dance of Joy YouTube video
The Festival Inside by Stan Stewart  poem
An InterPlay in the Kitchen Tale by Anne Sigler story
Practices babble and movement
Raise a Hand in Blessing movement and music


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh….

Perfect Strangers doing “The Dance of Joy”   movement

Click here to watch this video.

The Festival Inside

By Stan Stewart   poem

I have a festival going on inside me.
Outside may be
Turbulent or mundane,
Ratcheted or insane.
Inside is celebratory.
Like a labratory
With a new discovery
Of my recovery.
I see the path behind.
I see the path ahead.
Neither are invalid.
Neither are pure ease
Nor pure pain.
Mixtures all of ingredients
large, small,
messy, neat,
required, treat.
Brew it up.
A concoction fit for
Enlivened awareness.
I have a festival.
I have.
I am.

(“Improvised” on my handheld and presented at a retirement celebration for a member of our weekly Monday night InterPlay class with frame drum accompaniment. Copyright 2009 by Music for the Moment, Inc.  Used by permission.)

An InterPlay in the Kitchen Tale: by Anne Sigler             story

Having lived on this planet for 63 plus years I’ve prepared quite a few meals. There are some days when cooking feels more of a chore than an opportunity to infuse the ingredients with love and creativity.  Some years back when feeling bored I quite spontaneously began invoking the voice of Julia Child – describing each step of food prep as if I were speaking to a TV audience. The harsh trill of her American English amused me at least – it didn’t matter if there was anyone else around or not.  Occasionally she still makes kitchen visits if I’m not feeling particularly enthusiastic about cooking or up for washing the pots and pans. I invite anyone else to try this….or find some other character to invoke for whatever task you need some lighthearted help with.

Practice babble and bounce

Using your high voice describe doing the laundry for thirty seconds or
consider something that really makes you happy and create a nineteen second “Festival Inside” dance with hops and jumps.

Raise A Hand in Blessing          music and movement

listen to Lydian Waltz by Stan Stewart as you raise a hand in blessing. Turn in a full circle (or not) and know that others are sending blessings to you too.

Taking a deep Breath, Let it out with a Sigh……


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