We Leap into a Future Grace

It was New Years Eve in Oakland. People were spry, full of flavorful food from GraceHearth. They had on their “I Survived 2012” Doodle and Destroy T-shirts. see InterPlay New Years Eve

new year

We were in a good mood in spite of fiscal cliffs when Laurie said her grandma always jumped off the sofa on New Years eve saying, “One should leap into the new year!” Amos said, “Yes, like jumping into gratitude gulch!”

Though we might be unsure about 2013.

Whatever we put passion into will increase gratitude. So lets slide down into the green gulch of gratitude and grace, dance, sing, go out and play for keeps. People the world over will do just that.

Grateful for InterPlay, for playmates, for creative energy, for food, for shelter, for beauty in so many forms. What makes you sing and want to move toward grace this year?  Check out InterPlay to see what you can find. I’ll make grace and a few messes in Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Oakland, Healdsburg, Boulder, Santa Fe and on some virtual wave length where even more gets dreamed up.

As Soyinka says,  Peace and Many Blessings.



One Response to We Leap into a Future Grace

  1. Nice, but didn’t people do those things before Red Bull was ever invented. Natural Highs are better without any artificial enhancements, althought it would take me a 1000 Red Bulls for me to try those things. Nothing like watching extreme sports via facebook, videos, etc. Don’t try this at home (smile).

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