Arty Hand Dance

Hands Dance. Shake em. Smooth em. Shape em. Shoot out some Magic!

Hands have brains. It turns out they give away the truth. We are experts at expressing ourselves. Get those hands out of your lap.  Dance!

Hand Dance - Excerpts
Hand Dance – Excerpts

Want to know a secret?  InterPlayers become fearless dancers, almost as good as David Parsons Dance Company, by doing 5 hand dances. It doesn’t take long to figure out that your hand is connected to your heart. Next thing you know a hand just isn’t enough. Or is it? Learn the power of hands and a whole lot more at

To share hand dancing with others here are the full directions.
Lie down on the floor. (You may also sit or stand if that is more comfortable for you.)
Bring one hand into the air.
For 30 seconds, do some smooth movements with your hand.
Now do smooth and fast.
For 30 seconds, do some jerky movement. Now do jerky and slow.
Make a shape with your hand and hold it. Make another shape…and another…and another. Bring your hand in contact with your body or the floor.
Move it to another point of contact.
Now one more point of contact.
Now take up as much space as you can with one hand.
Find out how far your arm can go. And take a deep breath.
Now I am going to put on a piece of music and I invite you to play around with the movements of one hand. (after the music) What did you notice? or Scoot around on the floor until you are near another person. Take 30 seconds to talk with your partner about anything you noticed in that dance of one hand.

  hand by cynthia

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