How do you get to Ha Le Lu Ya?

Is it in Ha? or an Ahhhhhh?

Your body knows.

Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah
Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah

Can a whole life be a Ha Le Lu Ya? A whole group or nation?
The body knows. So does the poet. One clue: Force never works.

Hallelujah is about ground. It’s about spontaneity and connection in how we move, breathe, give voice, tell, and hang together. Love-making from the ground up. Do you see a little hallelujah around you RIGHT NOW?  Be with it a minute. Hallelujah.

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Take a deep breath. Let it out with a sigh.

Here’s to InterPlay Leaders around the world hot on the track of Hallelujah lives.

PS. I saw Leonard Live this week. So inspired to perform with Wing It! in Red Blue and Purple and teach How to Improvise Your Life!



3 Responses to Ha—–lelujah

  1. pwll says:

    The best songwriter in the world. Or at least one of the best. You are so lucky to have seen him in person.

  2. a scruffy dog is curled up on the rug near where I am writing. I stop and feel my cold nose with my hands. face rub. scalp massage. stretch my shoulders back in my chair. Ahhhhh ha!

  3. Rachel says:

    Pink cloud city behind the hills and towers of the City of St Francis. My dad says, “I don’t need to see anything. If I can feel anything it’s Hallelujah!”

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