RIP OR DIP Dance in Peace

Gabrielle Roth died last week. Founder of 5 Rhythms Dance she led the way for many to remember the power to meditate and heal through movement. As we approach Dios de los Muertos and All Saints Day lets dance on behalf of ancestors and those who died in 2012. What if death wasn’t morbid but part of the dance?

When I die, I don’t want to rest in peace
I want to dance in joy, I want to dance in the graveyards,
the graveyards and while I’m alive,
I don’t want to be alone mourning
the ones who came before
I want to dance with them some more,
let’s dance in the graveyards

-lyrics by Delta Rae

Dance Love.

Dance Crazy

Take a deep breath, let it out with a sigh, and put names of those who have died in the comment box.


9 Responses to RIP OR DIP Dance in Peace

  1. sstras says:

    So grateful for the reframe of D.I.P.
    I danced with my dad when I was the only one who wanted to be with him during the open-casket viewing time (not a regular practice in many Jewish traditions) – but dance “we” did! And dancing on behalf of others I love is a spiritual practice I dearly lean on when beloveds are in their transition time. Thank you for your suggestion, Cynthia – here are some of those beloveds: Arthur (dad), Robin, Stan, Lynn

  2. Patricia Delaney says:

    Dancing our intentions enfleshes them……I feel the energy rippling out……….and trust they’re received….

  3. Dolores Nice-Siegenthaler says:

    I’m loving the word “enfleshes.” Here is a dearly departed from 2012: Rachel Deter Nice.

  4. Ingrid Hurlen says:

    Thinking of dear dancer/choreographer/educator who left us unexpectedly in August – Jesse Jaramillo. He collaborated on a performance piece with my partner Eric in 1990 called Native Color. About the genocide in Guatemala in the 80’s. they created a beautiful music score, including a celebration of Dia de Los Muertos.

  5. My family has gathered in Denver today to bury moms ashes. She dances me still!

  6. Nancy Banman says:

    dance partners lost this year – Merlin my schaunzer and Iris my mom – they dance my hear today.

  7. When I was filming my piece on Mary Magdalene, I had the chance to dance through a local cemetery where we were filming, and it was such a beautiful way to claim and celebrate the joy of embodied remembrance, reflection, resurrection. At the film release party, one of the cemetery workers said – “Betsey brought life to the cemetery!”

  8. Sue Smith says:

    Remembering Frances my mom who danced into the universe this year…….she continues to dance with me.

  9. David Elliott says:

    “Danced” my Mom into a laugh that released her from the prolonged denial of her dying. She—normally quite modest—and her bedclothes needed some emergency cleaning, and as I held her naked body in mid-air, pressed awkwardly to mine so that my wife could change sheets and bathe her, she suddenly began to chuckle: “Well,” she laughed, “so much for my dignity!” When I lay her back onto her clean bed she turned her head toward me, smiled slightly, and said, “I’m ready now.” Those were her last words to any of us dancing on this side.

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