Upgrade Your Ordinary!

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh!

Sometimes ordinary can drain………. overwhelm……… be tedious……… daunt!

When that happens upgrade the present tense with a little

  • rhythm
  • movement
  • voice
  • word
  • sense of humor

LET IT ROCK! Check out Ghanaian Postal Workers who know how to zing a repeating action


Or how about dance walking!

Whatever you are doing right now

  • Give it a bounce!
  • Try it real    s     l     o      w.
  • Add a weird sound.

It’s not hard to play. It’s only hard to be “ordinary too much!”

Keep those wowzer moments coming!

Want to get a group of people doing the coolest walks ever email cynthia@interplay.org. I’ll send directions for InterPlay’s Walk Stop Run sequence! The best part? Walking backwards and saying Thank you if you run into someone. Now that’s extraordinary!

Ordinary Life is not for sissies. Find out how you too can make life more than bearable. Heal. Connect. Deepen. Inspire. InterPlay is popping up everywhere. YAY!

Forward this email to someone who is down in the daily dumps and let them know there are cool gifts when you sign up for news on the InterPlay Website. Click here.


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