Open to Mystery


Shall we take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh? There are tears and laughter and great ee-gads inside. Shall we honor them with humble sighs or more?

To listen to the heart more deeply, moan or tone. Journey from tone to tone for a minute.

Shall we shake the tender nervous system so deeply impacted by this world? Nerves need to shake! This is more fun when someone drums.

Play is mystery’s mechanism. But, its easy to lose so I created this in honor of living and letting go. Enjoy.

Play goes sideways, just like Mystery. That’s why InterPlay is a sneaky deep  practice.

I invite myself to do things for no good reason and to let it all go in rest. The angels, ancestors, and spirits beg us to play. Great gurus and teachers implore us to rest and say, “do not look for happiness, express it! Play with it! If you meet someone who has it blow them a kiss.”

Raising hand to hand and heart to heart,


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