The Ministry of Silly Walks for Phil’s Bday

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…..

Need a lift? Try a 5 second silly walk! Seriously! Give your bodyspirit some relief!

How to walk silly…

  • Walk in a crazy path.
  • Walk backwards and if you run into someone say “Thank you!”
  • Walk and emphasize a body part.
  • Walk like a swinger.
  • Walk like a thruster.
  • Walk, stop, and lie down—like a hanger.

Step off the straight and narrow…for just a SECOND!

Same old street, but the place in your head shifts dramatically. Isn’t that a ministry? I’ll sign up for it. Will you?

Please do a silly walk on behalf of Phil Porter, the John Cleese of InterPlay, our cofounder who turns 59 today. Send a clip or photo of you or someone walking silly to him at He considers it to be his birthday ALL MONTH LONG!

Playing with all of life!


2 Responses to The Ministry of Silly Walks for Phil’s Bday

  1. Marlys Tobias says:

    Love it! But really, those LONG legs help a very Silly Walk !

    • Silly Walk by Jocelyn

      Silly walk is easy
      Silly walk is fun
      I walk all day in silly walk
      Beneath an autumn sun

      Phil of the long legs
      Phil of fifty nine
      Whipper snapper young’un
      I see you’re doing fine

      You fiddle with your fingers
      Mosaic in your mind
      Tossing, twisting, reaching
      The notes you want to find

      You tell big body stories
      I’ve never seen the like
      Then in stillness you rest silent
      Tell us to take a hike

      Hike all InterPlayers
      Walk that silly walk
      And while we’re really buzzing
      Let’s talk that silly talk

      In autumn, spring where e’re you be
      Please walk that silly walk with me
      You taught me how to do it
      With heart and body free

      Love Jocelyn

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