Scout and Stillness to the Rescue

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

Play this.

Cynthia is out of commission due to a death in the family. See her at Mystic Tech to share condolences. Meanwhile, Scout is here to save the day!

Stillness is such an important principle in InterPlay as it is in life and Scout — the Wonder PlayDog — knows this better than most. He gets how important it is to nap (he sleeps about 16 hours per day!) and will sit in stillness for a long time (especially if there’s a treat involved!).

Scout chooses a card from The InterPlay Inspiration Deck almost every day and it’s surprising how often he gets “Stillness”. (I know you’re wondering how he picks a card without an opposable thumb, but that’s a secret.)

During our Northern Hemisphere — specifically Pennsylvania, USA — Winter, Scout enjoys the stillness created by the chilled and snowy landscape. He’s also amazed at how there is always movement even in what he calls stillness.

Try emulating Scout and his stillness as you listen to this improvisation (by Stan Stewart) aptly called Pre Caffeine.

Take another deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

For more on Stan and his music visit him at Muz4Now!


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