Earth, Air, Water, Fire: 2012 Tune InUp

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh….

Shake out whatever you are sitting on.

We’ll use solo movement in this practice, so lets warm up with the InterPlay hand dance.

The four elements earth, air, water, fire each bring unique wisdom and energy to life.


In stillness tune in to your bodyspirit.
Is one or more elements calling to you this year. Do you need more earth, air, fire, or water?
Welcome the first thing that comes to mind.
Use the hand dance form or stand up to explore and listen to inspiration from the elements No need to figure it out. In moving, thoughts and images may shift, blend or evolve into new ideas. Welcome whatever comes.
If you find it difficult to dance alone, do some free writing or sit in silence. All are embodied practice.)
Move in silence, to your own music, or to music in this youtube,

Write or jot down any impressions. Feel free to share them in the comments.

May 2012 bear you up on wings of love, fill you with the breath of life, carry you on joyful waters of curiosity, inspire you with passion, and increase your savoring for beauty of this earth.

Raising a hand to those who play across the miles,


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