End of Year InterPlay Mini Retreat

The year comes to a close. You may want some time to let go. As we say in InterPlay:

Get on– initiate something.
Get off– make a clear ending.
Get over it– Let it go, detach, release your connection.

Breathing, Shaking, and moving all help to let go of the past.

  • Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh….Shake out one arm, Shake out the other, Shake out whatever you are sitting on.Give your face a moosh. Massage your scalp.Raise your arms up toward heaven, stretch, and connect to your big body.Open your arms wide and connect to the beauty of the world.

Embodied creativity helps us listen to different aspects of wisdom: Movement, Voice/Breath, Stillness, Word, and Touch. Take an end of year mini retreat, choosing the forms to connect with the wisdom of your body.

Dance on Behalf of the Year: with just one hand or standing up to dance, move slow and fast, smooth and jerky to claim all possibilities. Let the idea of the year be like and umbrella, rather that filling up mind and body. This helps observation.
Give Voice to the year: What song comes to mind when you think of the year?  Share the title or link in the comment box below. I gave voice to this song in the quiet of the early morning. You can start by humming or sighing to give voice to wisdom.
Tell a few headlines for your year. Is there a key story?  Tell it in a few sentences. Those who hear our stories help us let it go.  Share your story in the comments. There is plenty of room. Poems are nice too.
Creative Stillness: Offering stillness to the past can be centering. Enjoy a 5 minute meditation to rest in silence.
Touch: Bless your body, letting your hand move tenderly from head to toes, thankful for gifts of awareness and aliveness.

To conclude lift up and release people, time, or places to the highest good. As you bring them to mind, use hands to lift them up. Embodying our thoughts make intentions real.

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh….As they say, these are the days of our lives….Happy New Year!

If you are an InterPlayer,  look back at the year and count some InterPlay connections. This is one way we can claim that something as ephemeral and beautiful as creativity and spontaneity are alive and well. Use “Everywhere” for the place. Just tally connections and send em here.


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