Murry Stress-mess? Naaaaaaa!

TGFI (Thank Goodness for InterPlay)

Incrementality, taking a deep breath, letting it out with a siiiiiiigghhhhhhhhhhhh, shaking it out, speaking in gibberish, and more!

Whatever this weekend holds for you, three Hoosiers in Oakland, Phil, Cynthia, and Stephanie and our gang of elves, Lucia, Theron, Sally and Miriam send love, fun, and this youtube from Hoosierland to remember that no matter how mixed up time, numbers, gifts, faith traditions, and days get….those who play somehow make sense of it all. Wheeeeee.

Cheers! (English)
Sláinte! (Irish)
Nastrovya! (Russian/Polish)
À Votre Santé! (French)
Salute! (Italian)
Skål! (Swedish)
Salud! (Spanish)
Prost! (German)
Saúde! (Portuguese)
Okole Maluna! (Hawaiian)
Kippis! (Finnish)
Proost! (Dutch)
Oogy Wawa! (African Zulu) my personal favorite
Kampai! (Japanese)
Chock-tee! (Thai)
Konbei! (Korean)
Gan Bei! (Chinese)
Stin Eyiassou! (Greek)
And the list goes on …

See for New Years Happenings in Seattle, Oakland, and Raleigh and a wonderful 2012 of possibilities.

need a last minute gift? Check out this be amazed necklace from Anita Bondi our InterPlay Jeweler.

Raising a hand in blessing,


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