Bounty of Murmations, Exaltations of Larks

 One of natures greatest and most fleeting phenomena

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…..
From a birds eye view humans walk, stop, run, and dance  en masse.
Exalt in life’s dance. Move with it, occupy and witness it. “The time of the lone wolf is over.” The more you emphasize the joy of following, the greater the collective dance. Flock for fun!


To create improvisational ensemble, use InterPlay’s directions for Walk Stop Run.
(You can have music playing throughout or start the music when you are actually ready to Walk, Stop & Run.)
Walk in any direction. Change direction. Change direction again.
Find the edges of the space as well as the center.
Change direction.
Walk backward. If you run into someone say “thank you!”
Walk forward again.
Walk in an unusual path.
Change direction.
Notice who else is in the room.
Walk right by someone.
If you are able, take it into a little run.
Change direction.
And stop.
And walk.
Now play with these three elements: Walking, Stopping & Running on your own time and with each other. Ready, go. SimpleThingsAreHoly: Linda Breitag

What kind of a flock are you in?
A siege/sedge of bitterns
A peep/brood of chickens
A clattering of choughs
A covert of coots
A herd of cranes
A murder of crows
A trip of dotterel
A dole/dule of doves
A flight of doves
A raft of ducks
A charm of goldfinches
A gaggle of geese
A flight of goshawks
A rasp of guinea fowl
A cast of hawks
A siege of herons
A train of jackdaws
A desert of lapwings
An exaltation of larks
A tidings of magpies
A suit of mallards
A watch of nightingales
A parliament of owls
A pandemonium of parrots
A covey of partridges
A muster of peacocks
A nye of pheasants
A kit of pigeons
A congregation of plovers
A drift of quail
An unkindness of ravens
A parliament of rooks
A wreck of seagulls
A wisp of snipe
A host of sparrows
A murmuration of starlings
A game of swans
A spring of teal
A dole of turtledoves
A fall of woodcocks
A herd of wrens?


Discover 1000 ways to InterPlay! Check to find willing folk.

Raise a hand (like a bird) and connect through body wisdom to friends far and near!


One Response to Bounty of Murmations, Exaltations of Larks

  1. pwll says:

    Wow. I wonder what it would be like to have thousands of InterPlayers doing leading and following together. Something like these birds, I think! After watching this video I want to be in an exhaltation of larks! Redwing blackbirds weren’t listed. I used to love to watch them in the Central Valley.

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