New: The Boldness Report!

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. In our world, that’s a bold move.

People today are getting bolder by:
–dancin’ down grocery stores aisles! (Thanks Levity Project!)

occupyin’ public space in complex, messy, creative wholeness to stand up for human needs, inventing group hand signals like “irrelevant elephant,”to signal a speaker on a mic when he/she is off topic, and human mic, using call and response to tell a big crowd key news.
infiltrating spiritual care as patients learn the power of prayer in a hand dance and mental health experts watch struggling folk find joy by encouraging them to move, sing, speak in made up languages, and shake it out.
…Bolder yet? A government diversity officer proposed InterPlay to her city as a wellness strategy.

Harriet Platts, InterPlay leader in Seattle invented the boldness report to claim the wonder of fearless play, the fast track to well being.

Ready to embolden your own public display of body wisdom?

Practice Flaps Up! Flaps Down!

Flaps Up!  Lift your arms up in the air. Reach up with heart and soul into space, the big All!
Flaps Down! Gather that openness back into yourself, bringing your arms down easy at your side. Savor inner spaciousness.

Linda Schlabach Miller, Body Wisdom, LCSW, head of Body Wisdom's Finance Committe!Lift your Flaps to get out of yourself, connect to something bigger. It feels good to exercise your wings. Give your boldness a nudge! Some chronically melancholy folk consistently counteract the blues with this move!

Flaps Up! Stretch into heaven! Flaps down, bring spaciousness into your little body.

To the music of InterPlayer Soyinka Rahim raise a hand to connect with others, dancing on behalf of a million bold, life-giving connections.

Did you know there’s over 250,000 InterPlay connections counted on our website? Let’s party and count your 2011 connections with boldness reports of surprising InterPlay moments that made it into your world. Read connection stories on  InterPlay’s website by clicking here!

Wheeeee. Now take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh!


5 Responses to New: The Boldness Report!

  1. Virginia says:

    Well done; I give thanks for you!

  2. Yes, It’s happening all over the country, even here in Pittsburgh. Soyinka and I are bringing play and fun to a conference on Healing from Trauma, a conference on minority health today.

    • Caroline Blackwell says:

      Hi Sheila. I’d love to talk with you about your work/ play at this conference. Please contact me when you can.
      Peace, Caroline

  3. Caroline Blackwell says:

    Yummm, Cynthia. Thank you for sharing yet another bold strategy for winging our way to greater connectedness wiih InterPlayers worldwide!

  4. Cynthia says:

    Caroline, Sheila Virginia, thank you for your comments. I am excited about the shifts and our emboldened and body wise community of practice!

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