Soul food without Calories

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh….

Shake out an arm, shake out the other arm. Shake out whatever you are sitting on. Holding on makes it hard to let in more life.
REMINDER TO SELF…Shake it out….Breathe…..

The bodyspirit needs nutrition: beauty, fun, love. Been moved today? Share it in a three sentence story in the comments!

Witnessing is different from “looking at or trying to figure someone out. Notice the witness in this youtube (thanks Elizabeth Mendana)

Witnessing practice

1. Ease up on visual intensity, Wheeeeee

2. Open peripheral vision, relax into those body-to-body mirror neurons.

3. Next, witness the movement or stillness of an object, tree, animal or person along with a slice of musical pie.

Give the gift of witnessing and affirming someone today. Witnesses change the world. Need more witnessing? Check out

Raise a hand as others dance with you across time and space!


2 Responses to Soul food without Calories

  1. Sharon Pavelda says:

    Aaron, down the street, is having a garage sale today in front of two houses his family have owned for a hundred years. He offers me a beer after cutting me a deal on ten solid wooden old doors, a metal storage shelf and a rolling utility cart from the ’50s. I sit and sip while his girlfriend, Nancy Apple, sings a duet about biscuits and gravy with the neighbor who just bought her Martin guitar for $150 dollars.

  2. kathryn sparkles says:

    Huge arms of community wrapped around me. Surrendering to release and respond together. Faith moves.

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