Ritual for 9/11 In Five Movements

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

For many in the US it is a time to ponder, confess, and memorialize our relationship to fear since 9/11. How vigilant do we need to be? What creates safety? InterPlay increases security by creating connection in many ways, even as we play with life challenges.

The Caution Tape Ritual served to memorialize victims of violent crimes, support homeless seniors who long for peace, grieve the death of Oscar Grant in Oakland,  challenge diverse women in ministry, and others.

Listen to the Music of Soyinka Rahim as you Move Through the ritual sequence

Movement One: We move the roll of caution tape through the people. They grab on. ( with music or poetry or a bell)

Movement Two: We lift and view the web of caution we create.

Movement Three: We lower the tape and stand in silence. (Dancers may move into shape and stillness to music)

photo by Carly Rosin

Movement Four: We let go of the tape to connect to each other instead, with movement or simple hand to hand connection.  (music poetry or a flute)

photo by Carly Rosin

Movement Five: We take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

Hum or move with this powerful, comforting song of peace created by InterPlayer Amanda O’Connor.

What if we could for one minute a day we could really release our sense of fear? Then we would have

Movement Six:  Throwing Caution to the Wind…


8 Responses to Ritual for 9/11 In Five Movements

  1. Marlys Tobias says:


  2. julirice says:


  3. I love the picture of throwing caution to the wind! What a great metaphor!

  4. Linda Lee says:

    Yes! Thank you very much!

  5. Maree Haggerty says:

    I, too, find the metaphor of throwing caution tape to the wind to be so, so powerful. Our times call on each one of us to release the hold that fear has on our lives and to return to the energy of love as our motivation for decisions, relationships, work – for all of life!

  6. may we use this ritual in our own communities?
    this is so beautiful and inspiring . thank you.

  7. Friends: Please use this idea as you see fit.Feel free to change and rearrange. A simple structure allows that!

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