Hymn to the Belly

Take a deep breath. Let it out with a sigh. Do this again with deep belly gladness!

Elizabeth Mendana (Vashon Island, WA) shares a DT3 (dance, talk, dance, talk, dance) in honor of pregnant, big bellyness.

The belly wants to move, to sing rainbows into those deep organs.

Ben Jonson says in Hymn to the Belly

ROOM! room! make room for the bouncing Belly, First father of sauce and deviser of jelly; Prime master of arts and the giver of wit, That found out the excellent engine, the spit, The plough and the flail, the mill and the hopper, The hutch and the boulter, the furnace and copper, The oven, the bavin, the mawkin, the peel, The hearth and the range, the dog and the wheel. He, he first invented the hogshead and tun, The gimlet and vice too, and taught ’em to run; And since, with the funnel and hippocras bag, He’s made of himself that now he cries swag; Which shows, though the pleasure be but of four inches, Yet he is a weasel, the gullet that pinches Of any delight, and not spares from his back Whatever to make of the belly a sack. Hail, hail, plump paunch! O the founder of taste, For fresh meats or powdered, or pickle or paste! Devourer of broiled, baked, roasted or sod! And emptier of cups, be they even or odd! All which have now made thee so wide i’ the waist, As scarce with no pudding thou art to be laced; But eating and drinking until thou dost nod, Thou break’st all thy girdles and break’st forth a god.

Relax your belly and let it be soft. Take a deep breath in honor of soft centers!

Dance in honor of the belly full and the belly not full,
on behalf of hunger
or what waits to be born from the belly of love.

Need belly help from mirror neurons? Here’s the same music. Follow the beach belly dancer!

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh!

Send Elizabeth and Theron some belly love in the comments: wishes, dances, youtubes! THEY ARE DUE  ANY DAY! Or help them out! (Wishpot…I love that name for a registry.)


12 Responses to Hymn to the Belly

  1. Harriet Platts says:

    My belly is soft with a deep smile. Holding you all close in thought and heart. Blessings, blessings for safe passage!

  2. Many blessings on this special time!

  3. CathyAnn says:

    You are indeed beautiful in your expectant fullness Elizabeth. Dancing on behalf of an ease-filled labor and such joy in your sons arrival! Blessings on your sweet sweet family.

  4. Ginny and Tom says:

    What a gift to witness your beautiful big belly dance. We send you much love as you await this most precious gift of your child!
    Hugs, Ginny and Tom

  5. Ginny Christensen says:

    May your delivery have the same flow and grace as you shared with us. May your child dance!!! You are indeed beautiful. Ginny in Puyallup

  6. Sheri says:

    Yipeee! Wow! Wonderful! I’m so excited to know you two are about to be parents. Many blessings!

  7. Celia Swanson says:

    You are radiant
    Full as the moon in her pale round glory
    Fresh as a sweet mozzarella cheese ball
    Plush as a cushion
    Flush with energy
    Filled to the brim with love
    Round with the results of luscious loving.

  8. What a lovely DT3. You DO look great! Congratulations…and I can’t wait to see pics of the sweet boy.

  9. Tony Hole says:

    You look great Elizabeth! So lovely to see you and your joy. I love your view of stretch marks as a henna tatoo of roots of the tree of life. Love from Australia to you and Theron and your growing small one.

  10. AHHHHH….and OHHHHHH….and WHEE!!!!
    slippery thoughts and loose luscious hip dances coming your way!
    the interplay community welcomes another beautiful male to our tribe! YIPPEE!

  11. Hazel says:

    Elizabeth, I enjoyed witnessing you move and express and love your free spirit… something inside me was moving with you… thank you… wheeee!!!
    hugs all the way from India …
    love and grace to you in your journey of motherhood

  12. Dorothy says:


    You DO look great! And my mirror neurons tell me that you “feel” great!

    What a vision you and the babe are. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! After watching you I feel full and refreshed and caressed. Amazing to see the mover-you-are in this particular moment.

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