Walk Stop Follow Flap

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh!

On a trip to Antarctica,  Krista Harris connected with an adorable Adelie penguin by following it on the beach.

Penguins are constantly following each other, changing directions, experiencing moments of creative chaos, and then finding the group body again. Sometimes a single penguin approaches a group from an opposite direction, and the whole group does an about face and goes the opposite way following the new leader. It seems that they are saying to each other, “Where are we going? We don’t know. Why are we going this way? Because everyone else is. Hey! Let’s go this other way. Why? We don’t know why. Why not? Everyone else is going this way, I felt right at home amongst the penguins!

Following someone can be active, ecstatic, and lead to street improv like this! Check out the flaps at the end!

To connect with something Greater, Walk Stop Follow and get your FLAPS UP!

RAISING OUR ARMS is how people physically open to Bigger Things!
Open Your Flaps for a Few Moments and Take a Deep Breath!
Let it out with a sigh.
Let your heart and soul lift  in a revolutionary practice for ye previously unflappable yet daunted by “post modern” rationality and doom.

I do it at least once a day. Join me?



2 Responses to Walk Stop Follow Flap

  1. What a great post. Although I’ve always thought I would like to go to see the penguins, now I know I only have to go to Oakland or better yet down to my own local Interplay group and just start flapping and following…Is that a new form?

  2. I’ve started promoting FLAPS UP FLAPS DOWN as a way to get people to open their bodyspirit. What a relief!

    The next Friday Virtual InterPlay is celebrating Masankho’s wedding. I hope lots of people will comment with best wishes and suggestions for a lasting marriage! Wheeee. Spread the word.

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