Visionary Prayer: Hang

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.


Of four primary movement energies one of the InterPlay favorites is “Hang.”

As George Muedeking in New Mexico demonstrates, the hang center is right above your head. Our bodyspirit takes its cues from the bigger body around you. Truly out of the box. The dynamic of hang feels like a kite flying on the wind, a snorkeler floating in tide pools, or a tai chi master.

Quick ways to hang are to
open your up arms to the wider world. Voila! You are part of the big picture.
sink deep into stillness, the weight of your being held by floor or chair.
or bring one arm in the air and let it move in a smooth slow or lively dance.

I love this youtube with its surround sound choir of crickets! (Thanks Carolyn North!) Listen and sink down, open your arms wide to wonder, or dance with one hand in praise of beauty invoked by crickets.

Pray into your visionary space by using easy focus. Relax the place between your eyes. Connect with your Higher Power! Hang out there and soak in a greater love for your own good and the good of others.

Take another deep breath and let it out with a sigh.

If you need a Power Prayer check out last weeks blog on the movement pattern of Thrust!


One Response to Visionary Prayer: Hang

  1. jorispirit says:

    I love seeing InterPlayers featured! George…so good to see you so well! Seeing all of the InterPlayers that I am connected to along with the cricket choir has me feel so warm and fuzzy inside…I am grateful for the wonderful tribe of InterPlayers that am among…yum!

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