Power Prayer: Thrust

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh


“This is complete chaos, I love it!” exclaimed Taichi Nagai, a visitor from Japan who had unwittingly walked straight into the largest pillow fight in history

© Amusing Planet, 2010.

InterPlayers practice four movement energies: Swing, Shape, Hang, and Thrust.

Today is dedicated to thrust, using muscles to push, pull, focus, power, flick, fling, stomp, romp and kick. athletes, dancers, martial artists and gardeners love this. Do you?

Are your muscles hungry to dance your power?
First engage your groins power center for thrust.
Next, move like you are pushing through something. No need to do it long. Lighten up anytime you want to this workout music that plays with images of thrust. (NO ACTUAL HITTING!)

Or gather your thrust into a sacred prayer for the power needed today or by someone you know who needs strength to this powerful music video.

To end, fling out some love in a free way in all four directions and catch some energy being sent your way!

The more we thrust for fun and joy the less we’ll thrust at others!  Let’s do it!


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