Babble 4 You + Moi + Gretchen

Moi is a full time job.

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

In InterPlay we babble (tell about tiny bits of life without caring about the outcome) to let go of taking words so seriously. In a crazy way when we loosen our grip on anything and play– surprise, surprise, we come alive!

Here is Gretchen babbling about babbling at 10:30 at night!

Now its your turn. Babble about
the meaning of your name or

Use a timer or babble during this youtube

If you are tech savvy, record and send your babble to or put it on youtube to be featured in a virtual friday. Or, babble in a comment below. Or do like Gretchen, babble in the ear of an imaginary friend.

What if we stopped working on ourselves
and played more?????

Anthony de Mello, S.J wrote in The Song of the Bird
I was a neurotic for years. I was anxious and depressed and selfish. And everyone kept telling me to change. And everyone kept telling me how neurotic I was. And I resented them, and I agreed with them, and I wanted to change, but I just couldn’t bring myself to change, no matter how hard I tried. What hurt the most was that my best friend also kept telling me how neurotic I was. He too kept insisting that I change. And I agreed with him too, though I couldn’t bring myself to resent him. And I felt so powerless and so trapped. Then one day he said to me, “Don’t change. Stay as you are. It really doesn’t matter whether you change or not. I love you just as you are; I cannot help loving you.” These words sounded like music to my ears: “Don’t change. Don’t change. Don’t change. I love you.” And I relaxed. And I came alive. And, oh wondrous marvel, I changed.

And WE relaxed….And WE came alive…. And, oh wondrous marvel, change!
Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh!


2 Responses to Babble 4 You + Moi + Gretchen

  1. Marlys Tobias says:

    This is sooooo refreshing. Gretchen I LOVE your babble about monkeys. You took me to India. Put me in the midst of monkeys doing what monkeys do. xoo Marlys

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