Give Eyes, Feet, Heart

Take a deep breath. Let it out with a loooooong sigh…..

All My Body Calls

All my body calls
for something in this sleeping
we call the spirit.

But how
from lifted arms
where stars run through fingers
and the night is like sand
do I breathe a fragrance of its wisdom
do I call its name
or listen to the drops
that trickle down to earth
and hear
life being given
not only through the moving hands of the forest
but through the hand that reaches in
the dark unmoving regions of the chest
and uncovers slowly
the enormous
shape of the ocean.

~ David Whyte ~

Sit back, witness, and breathe in a beautiful view with a song that strikes a chord.

Give Eyes, Feet, Heart to what lies within. We’ll play the same song again, but this timeclose your eyes and do a one hand dance, or stand and move all of you. You may feel things, sense things, and if you open your inner eyes, you may see things. Believe what you notice!

Honoring what your eyes, feet, heart know, take another deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

Enjoy your weekend!

For support to give “all of you” to life check out InterPlay! Phil is leading a workshop on the Unbelievable Beauty of Being Human in Chicago June 16-18!


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