and grace my fears relieved…

Take a deep breath and let it out with any sound you want to…

We know surgeries, diagnoses, death, birth, loss, gain, peace, depression, war, love.

Native Americans ask, “When was the last time you sang, when was the last time you danced, when was the last time you told your story?”

Though many of us have lost our indigenous body wisdom, we needn’t be cut off from that well of grace. It lives in the dance, song, and spirit of our lives. It’s in one hand (yours or mine), singing one breath, in a small poem or story on our lips.

Singing, they say, is like praying twice. (African proverb.) When there is song and dance and a story that carries you, what kind of praying is that? Big.

Today, any who can, lift our hearts to heaven to dance on behalf of strangers and loved ones unable to dance themselves.

Stand or raise a hand in the air and let this voice carry you….in Amazing Grace. (make sure to listen to the end.)

Raise a hand in all directions to meet those of us who share this connection. You’re one in a million!


2 Responses to and grace my fears relieved…

  1. Lynda Letourneau says:

    Inspiring dance and songs….Amazing Graces Abound..thanks for sharing them.

  2. John Glick says:

    Thanks for sharing these. There is something about the drone that just carries me away–sometimes in tears but always touches my spirit in a wonderful way.

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