April Foolery: Babblicious Babbling Like a Brook

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh….

Here’s some increasingly famous twin babies having an engaging conversation.  Even seasoned InterPlayers might learn something from this!

OK! Ready to make sense on a whole new level? Practice 10 second babbles in a made up language.

The Exform!

It may be weird, but when frustration builds, babble it out! Get the !@*&$$@  off your chest with plenty of consonants and vowels. Or, try the universal language: Blah, blah, blah with some zappiness. (even better with a witness!) @#%F&*<@+$$#!!@!

Need more flow?  Welcome the babbling brook in la la land!

Get get into this stream, then babble or sing along with la la la la la la la la one breath at a time…

This could go on forever. (25 minutes) Make this brook your background music. Or, since today is April 1, the first friday of the month, dance on behalf of all our foolish ways and righteous needs.

Raise a hand in connection with fools everywhere and dance for all these crazy lives.

Need some extra dancing? Send us your requests. We’ll dance and sing for you at InterPlayce! Better yet, come visit us at InterPlayce. We have a beautiful, reasonable rental condo and lots of hugs here. Email info@interplay.org to make your reservation!


4 Responses to April Foolery: Babblicious Babbling Like a Brook

  1. sarah darter says:

    I just happened to watch the two baby dudes “talking” this morning and found the stream a great joy. Makes me weep when I think about how long it has been since i have been near a babbling stream. Much joy here. Thanks.

  2. Pwll says:

    When I taught in a day care center once, there were two little five year old girls who absolutely adored each other. One spoke only English and the other only Spanish. They used to sit in the corner and talk to each other for hours in — babble! They seemed to clearly know what they were talking about — questions and answers, gestures, everything. I think they did understand each other!

  3. It was incredible to warm up the interplay group this morning. After people had seen the twins babble, we took it more “seriously.” The group babbled all together. Then we went around the circle one by one with a short babble to tell about the day or week. People made so much sense.

  4. Dorothy says:

    Phoenix, 2.5 years old, who I have the privilege of living with right now – speaks English and Thai… all with his own very particular Phoenix accent. He’s a little hard to understand although his comprehension is obviously VERY high. After all, HE always knows what he’s saying.

    A few weeks ago he was saying something to me – in English? in Thai? in Phoenix? And I turned to him and broke into a full-on Gibberish babble. He grinned and babbled right back. Finally relieved of societies constraints that tell him “you’re saying that wrong” – our conversation flowed back-and-forth, emotive, complex, and undoubtedly fun.

    InterPlay has simplified the instructions for types of babbling elegantly. But I LOVE that with Phoenix and other kids, you don’t have to give them any instructions/explanations at all! He figured out the game instantly! His brain knew immediately: this is Play! I can DO this!

    Now, on days when the TV is off, Phoenix stands in the middle of the livingroom and sings. He belts. He projects as loudly as… well… me. 😉 What’s he singing? Something improvisationally genius no doubt.

    Incidentally, when I was watching the twin-babbling video, Django – who was in the room with me – said, “Wow. Phoenix is babbling really loud today.” He thought the sound was coming from downstairs!

    And lastly:

    hariki pu wanna, lami ni hoo-hoo wooo. kapi, wa-lee, hapi-hapi noo. wookie-wanookie tookie!

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