Breathe In Gratitude

Take a deep breath in…..and let it out with a sigh.

Today, we won’t take for granted the air we breathe. It is the beginning and end of our dance, song, and heart.

Play the shruti box as you give voice to Stan Stewart’s poem below.

From Stan Stewart for Anita Bondi

When the mouth opens
And partakes of the air about it,
Anticipation fills the void.
For in the song, there is no

It is full:
Of you, of itself, of the world.
This song, each song,
Sung by the new singer.

For temerarious muscle
Must move and connective
Tissue alongside vocal organs
Will tremble with the sounds
This body is evoking.

“I am me.” The song cries.
It does not matter what literal
Words are uttered. This is the
Real song.

“I am my own self and I claim
This breath, this air, this soundwave,
This energetic moment as
A true expression of me.”
Even the humming, the wordless song recites
This mantra.

Then, as the sound of the song
Abates, the impassioned and
Invigorated self knows the empowerment
Of “I am” and the singer
Soon enough
Longs to repeat the act
Of singing
Once again.

InterPlay Practice: Breath by Breath Warmup and Song

  • Take a deep breath. As you sigh let out a long tone.
  • Inhale and on the exhale let the tone wander.
  • Deep breath in and squirm your face and voice around.
  • Deep breath. Let your voice wander fast.
  • Deep breath, tone with consonant noises
  • Deep breath, and mix tones and consonants
  • Now breath by breath tone on behalf of air, water, earth, or whatever comes.

Let spirit move and sing again as the shruti bellows its support.

visit for InterPlay in Australia, the US, Jamaica, and the UK this spring.


6 Responses to Breathe In Gratitude

  1. julirice says:

    Breathing is a pathway home – and, I love being at home;-) thanks for this reminder!

  2. I’ve never hard of this Shruti box before. Thank you, Cynthia…

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