next gen 2010

Take a deep breath. Let it out with a sigh….

Partnering is everywhere: between inhale and exhale,

between two lungs. between you, the tree, and the great beyond. We live in a giant “friendbella,” (*made-up word)  a big beautitful, elephantarama of connection as demonstrated by “side by side” dancers, Bella and Tarra, elephant and woof.

You know you’ve friendbella’ed whenever play happens and you liked it. It takes twoness to have rapport and you can have it with anything.

The practice “Dancing in Rapport” is found in Dance: A Sacred Art: Discovering the Joy of Movement As Spiritual Practice.

• Choose a piece of music that is harmonious.

• With a partner (it could be a pet or your other hand), come palm to palm.

•  Let your hands move together.

•   Instead of thinking about who is leading or following, simply focus on following either partner’s actions as they present themselves.

•   Don’t worry about giving equal time or trading off roles. And, please don’t cue each other with words. Your body is wise. Let it prove this to you.

•   Your hands may come apart as you continue following and leading.

•    If you find the magical blended feeling where you are uncertain who is leading, enjoy! Open Your Hand by Alicia Bessette offered free at

•   As you end, bow or thank your partner.

•   Take a few moments to notice any highlights from the dance. Have you had similar experiences before? What would it be like to follow, lead, and blend with God in this manner as a way to pray, or to bless someone you love?

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. Viva Friendbella!

If you are in the bay area check out DANGER! Wing It! performs this weekend.


3 Responses to Friendbella!

  1. Lynda Letourneau says:

    So satisfying to see this leaping Cassie….I had a kinesthetic sense of it,,,just from the picture…adventure….yum

  2. Donna says:

    wonderful partner dance with my dog, JoJo, following and leading worked well once I remembered I could do both!

  3. Dorothy Finnigan says:

    Watching Bella and Tarra made my day. Thanks!

    Here in Thailand I watch the dogs InterPlaying with each other all the time – they run free (no chains, yards, leashes). In that freedom there are definitely dances of danger – conflicts that arise – but there are also resolutions, peace-making, and coming back together.

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