How to Let Go

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh

Lets play with letting go…..Hey we just did it!  Let out another SIIIIIIGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH

Body Wisdom: It’s a crazy world. We get tight. We gotta get support to let go, let loose, let up, let down!”Learn the mystery of surrender and trust, and then it will be done unto you,through you, with you, in you and very often, in spite of you.”
–Richard Rohr from Things Hidden

Fortunately, the mystery of surrender is close at hand. InterPlay is here, to save the day!
Do like Trish….Wheeeee!

Stop! It’s a fast way to let go of an old action.

Ahhhhh, I stop.
Finally, let loose!
Just a little movement untangles our hold on things.
Why not offer whatever you are holding into the hands of a power greater than your self?
Letting Go is about opening up, creating more space, and freedom. It’s a body thing!

INTERPLAY EVERYDAY! Leave a comment to share an InterPlay Highlight You are one in a million…..

P.S. Find the cool music by Amar Khalsa on the youtube in our Life Breathing CD, located in What the Body Wants, or alone available through the InterPlay Store. Its called Kokopele

One Response to How to Let Go

  1. Stan says:

    …and the drumming on Kokopele is by…

    I miss you, Amar!


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