Expect an Angel

*People believe in angels
*Invite your angel to dance

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

People believe in angels
They even make up songs and stories about them.

Angels don’t need wings to fly into your life.
They use the powers of wind, dance, dream,
and haunting tunes
anyway that can’t be put into words
is how they love to appear.
Maybe you are an angel?


Bring your hand into the air
Invite your angel to join you palm to palm.
Let your two hands move together.
For a moment, playfully trick your angel
to welcome the power of joy and amusement.
Become still and deepen the connection.

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.

Do you need help right now?
Invite your angel to dance with you to Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”

Raise a hand to angels everywhere, whether they are on the planet or not.

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…


3 Responses to Expect an Angel

  1. Pwll says:

    I loved the broccoli, I cried with Sarah McLaughlin. We love you, Cynthia! Thanks for these Friday gifts.

  2. jean martinolich says:

    Oh, this was such fun, but I have to admit I got stuck on the broccolii, which immediately led to all kind of business in my food justice world, ideas, ideas, ideas. But once back to the exercise, I realized that the broccoli muscian WAS my angel and I danced lightly on SM’s song. It was nice to have the lyrics up there. I stole and shared. I love you all. Thanks for doing such a fine job on this. How many weeks will you be so lucky to stumble on a broccoli angel?

  3. Jude Morton says:

    I have come to experience these Virtual Interplay e-mails as oracular messages…. inevitably reaching past my skin to grab me by some vital organ.
    Sarah Mclachlan’s song “Angel” is one I had heard before but somehow I never listened to the words. They are moving, haunting, and they speak to all of us struggling with addiction. Thanks.

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