Love Warrior

Enver Rhamanov



Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.

“Fear holds no sway in the heart of a warrior.
He dances empty handed into the sway.
Rivers of laughter to temper the shadows.
From life’s invitation he’ll not turn, not turn, not turn away.”

Listen to Barbara McAfee’s “Heart of a Warrior”
(more at

I dreamt that I couldn’t move forward. When I turned around I was restrained by a long (infinite?) cord. It was Fear. Without a thought I turned it into a green ribbon and performed by pulling it into and through community. I pulled and pulled the ribbon until I saw it end. It was not infinite. Meanwhile, it had inspired a man to play a wind instrument. On its notes, he rose in the air. Two other men also rose in the air dancing. Then everyone moved with such transcendent spirits. As it concluded one dancing man said, “That’s the first time I ever did that.”

What would you turn fear into if you could? What would it give rise to?
A rubber glove bagpipe?

A camping stool flute?

Dancing with fear requires breathing, open hands, and wild imaginations.
If you could put fear in the palm of a hand with a one hand dance would you bless, play, let it transform?
Adam Hurst’s Original Cello Music

Take a deep breath. Let it out with a sigh. Raise a hand to connect with those dancing this dance with you.


2 Responses to Love Warrior

  1. Mari Harrower says:

    I love these Virtual Interplay mornings. While I have my own local group, these help me to feel connected to the larger body of Interplayers. Thank you!

  2. Pwll says:

    Love the videos. I love it when people make instruments out of ordinary things, and the cello was beautiful. Thanks, Cynthia!

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