No Frills Walk-Stop Meditation

Randy Newswanger, Megan Shirle, Susan Main in Wing It! Performance Ensemble

*No Frills Walking, Stopping, and Running
Youtube Body Wisdom
Raise a hand in connection


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

No Frills Walking, Stopping, and Running is an InterPlay form that bumps up our connection to the bigger dance. In “NO Frills” we don’t do anything but walk. We don’t even skip or wiggle or get creative with our limbs. We DO get to look at each other though. It’s all about simplicity and connection!

I put myself on “stop mode” at the Intermezzo cafe on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley and got to witness the movement all around. We can do this ANYWHERE!

Bodies have a remarkable ability to sync up.

Even now, at our computer we can sync body, mind, heart, and spirit to the images before us.

Use easy focus and welcome your whole being to synch with this virtual Walk Don’t Run (Isogabamaware) Youtube

Youtube Body Wisdom:
At the beginning the rabbit says “Lets get this over with quick, so we can go eat.”

Bear says “yeah.”

Rabbit says “Let’s go.”

Most of the rest of the lyrics say “isogabamaware” which is almost like the proverb haste makes waste.

On the grass they’re talking about relaxing and going slow. Rushing is bad.

After the song the rabbit says “perfect.”

We can practice No Frills in everyday movement. Here’s the question. Is it 1) a relief? 2) boring? 3) a way to heighten connection? 4) all of the above? Practice it like you would sitting meditation and you’ll be in sync with your world. Who knows where that will take you.

Raise a hand in connection to dance our greater connection through time and space to David Benoit Freedom at Midnight

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.


If you are looking for more than “no frills” Check out upcoming InterPlay events online at


3 Responses to No Frills Walk-Stop Meditation

  1. Celia says:

    As you may know, “No Frills” is sometimes called “Minnesota Style”, as it was apparently invented here. It is also a MAJOR part of our collective practice in the Twin Cities InterPlay community. It is part of every warm-up we do. For many of us, it has become our favorite practice. It creates Group Body faster than any other form can do. It calms, connects, and feels deeply creative in its simplicity (BECAUSE of its simplicity, I would argue).

    This form is a major part of my learning curve in the idea that we don’t have to constantly be trying to break “outside the box” in our lives, adding increasing frills and wild antics to express our creative flair. Indeed, there are infinite possibilities WITHIN the box. Having a form, maybe even one that feels a little “restrictive”, such as simply running, walking and stopping, gets people to expand their creativity in more subtle (dare I say subversive!) and simple ways.

    No frills gets you to pay attention to small delights. You can tune into things like other people’s breath,or the warmth of someone’s skin when they touch you, or even that you can FEEL someone next to you, even if they aren’t touching you. Your “soft focus” allows you to pick up movement from across the room, and can allow the entire group to become as one in Group Body.

    “No Frills” RWS is meditation, communion, catharsis, and it harnesses the immense power of simplicity.

  2. Dolores Nice-Siegenthaler says:

    Hey, Celia, I’ve read about this Minnesota practice, and I know I would love it because I spent the first half of my life in the midwest. Now, because I do InterPlay in California I have to admit I have hardly ever experienced a group doing WSR “no frills.” But I’m in synch with you now.
    Hay, Cynthia, isn’t it odd I just ate at that cafe two nights ago. No rain in sight. Am I in synch.

  3. Anita Doyle says:

    Well said Celia. No frills has always been my favorite form. It is where find the most ease in connection with the group body.

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