Rub a dub—Together Action

*Friction Frees
Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…


Enjoy the soothing sounds of William Ackerman’s guitar while you practice:

Give your face a rub.

Rub your scalp for a few seconds.
Check in with your skin.
Re-sensitze this amazing organ.
Lean into something—the floor- the chair, the bed, another body?

Together-action is like washing potatoes. When people wash potatoes in Korea, instead of washing them one at a time, they put them all in a tub full of water. Then someone puts a stick in the tub and pushes it up and down, up and down. This makes the potatoes rub against each other; as they bump into each other, the hard crusty dirt falls off. If you wash potatoes one at a time, it takes a long time to clean each one, and only one potato gets clean at a time. If they are all together, the potatoes clean each other.
— Hyon Sunim in Only Don’t Know by Seung Sahn

When you move- muscles rub. When you breath air and tissue rub. Check out this this potato salad!

Friction Frees

Bring your hand into light contact with the air like these waves from Grand Wailea beach on Maui

Friction take many forms. May we dance with them.

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.


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