*Turf Dancing
Morning Song


Take a deep breath, let it out with a sigh…

Turf Dancing

“Grassroots” was coined in Indiana August 5th, 98 years ago for a movement growing from the soil of people’s hard necessities.

“Astro-turfing” is for fake grassroots movements- powerful people using grassroots tactics while hiding real agendas.(Thanks to the Writer’s Almanac)

“Turf Dancing” is a literal movement developed in Oakland California as a means of dispute resolution. It’s an improvisational dance form focused on storytelling, optical illusions and displays of distinctive style.

Free your feet for a minute.
Take off your shoes.
There’s a new grassroots movement to go barefoot.
Plant your feet, in grass if you can.
Squinch them. Stretch them.
Can you feel your soles?
How bout  a brief barefoot dance?

Standing or sitting, do a one or two foot dance to celebrate your roots to Some Chinese blue grass

Morning Song
Common as grass. Little things are our best grounding. In “Morning Song” (by Marcia F. Brown, from What on Earth. © Moon Pie Press, 2010), she says

Just this, each day:
Bear yourself up on small wings
to receive what is given.
Feed one another
with such tenderness,
it could almost be an answer.

Riase your hand in blessing to all directions. We are connected!

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.

Footnote 1
(Walt Whitman’s title Leaves of Grass was a pun. “Grass” was a term given by publishers to works of minor value.)

Footnote 2
Next Thursday the next Gen InterPlayers will share their wisdom and creativity at 7pm at InterPlayce.  To learn what they are noticing go to

Footnote 3
Monday Morning Email will introduce our intern, a Chan Fellow from China, Sheila Wang.


2 Responses to Grass-Roots-Wings

  1. Pwll says:

    Love this all! Both videos were outstanding — love that the kids are dancing on the street in the rain!

  2. Anita Doyle says:

    Thanks so much for the Turf Dancing video. I love it. I posted it to my facebook page.

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