Dont’chu Worry

Take a deep breath, let it out with a sigh….

Some say worry “is a prayer invoking that which we don’t want.” Worry is also the body saying, “The World Ain’t Safe.”

Outkast, America’s grammy award winning hip hop group from Georgia, dedicates Don’tchu Worry “Bout Me to all who are just trying to keep afloat. This youtube is steamy and stormy and real.

Phil says that there are at least 19 signs that your worry might need an escape hatch.

To keep worry from ruling the day we can practice

1) bowing to worry, shaking it out, taking deep breaths. Sighing……..

2) If there’s something you need to act on- Get help to take action -step by step with someone who breathes.

3) Get with people who aren’t worrying.

4) Imagine life after worry.

5) Let the muse move you like Denise, Aussie InterPlayer did.

Why Worry

Denise Winton

Strumming sweet chords
Knopfler sets the stage
and asks, “why worry now?”
in deep languorous voice.
She there, me here
held in the deep embrace
of two stuffed armchairs,
my raised arm moves
in rhythm, swaying with the chords.
She watches, raises a little arm
and mimics the dance,
eyes held, each of us smiles.
She flings toddler legs with ease
over rolled arms, towards me,
I mimic,
toes and feet dance,
hers, mine,
she, then me
leading and following,
keyboard notes rise and fall
“like sunshine after rain”
capturing this interplay,
No worries here
just spirits in the moment.

Pressed into the carpet
Two bodies entangled,
sixty years between.
Laughing, burying her head
in my stomach
she rolls, flops legs on my chest,
rolls, folds, upside down face
next to mine,
No worries here, as
Bodies blend, toddler perfect flesh
on Grandma’s ‘lived in’ and soft,
such sensual, fun,
“Sisters in Spirit” connection.

Oh, that I could
this delicious moment,
capture this dance
and hold it close.
I hear his voice
“Why worry now?” he croons
Low and reaching deep,
So I’ll play him again and again,
sink deeply in the chair,
slow and sensual,
and she’ll be two again
damp hair tousled
smiling, waiting, watching
for my hand to lead.

Raise a hand…

Lastly, raise a hand to the web of love around you, dance and offer gratitude as voice & cello pop duo Lise & Gertrud sing the Dire Straits song WHY WORRY NOW.

Take a deep breath, let it out with a sigh.


Come InterPlay at the beach, in the redwoodsBrazil, anywhere in the world.


One Response to Dont’chu Worry

  1. Jori says:

    The best way I have discovered NOT TO WORRY is to do something that EXCITES ME as soon as worry starts to show up….

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