Extreme Ironing for Men and Goddesses

Evelyn, Our Lady of the Scorch by Sharon Pavelda

Domestic Goddesses Speak for Themselves
at Julie’s gallery May 6th-June 30th Park Street, Alameda, CA
OPENING PERFORMANCE: June 5th 7:30 pm Bring an item to “iron out”

*Extreme Ironing
*Body Wisdom Practice
*On another note

Got Something Needs Ironing Out? Ironing Ain’t for Sissy’s!
Take a deep breath, let it out with a sigh…

Extreme Ironing (really!)

Ironing takes us back  to women struggling and…

Making Nice

There was her way to erase stains, no trace
Humming, she ironed linens with a crease
stood hours, polishing silver to a gleam
At forty, feared her father, sneaked away
to meet her lover, struggling into
out of, girdles, hose and hats
Dressed up leftovers, brewed healthy soups
Kept up appearances, covered tracks, who
would think she knelt nightly by her bed
Head bowed, contrite, confessing all
Wept silently in church where she felt safe
Counted sheets, just one obsession
My mother was born to sacrifice
from making do to making nice
from Janie Oakes new poetry book “Creased”

As well as men like Joe Jimenez in El Abuelo (The Grandfather)

I ironed furiously my past-
with my ability to throw down a rowdy crease
impeccable lines forged into cloth
sharp and precise
acute enough to splice open envy

Body Wisdom Practice
Today’s laundry may be wash and wear but to smooth out your own skin
try some fake tai chi.
• Raise a hand,
• Move it around through the space.
• Move your hand smooth and slow.
• Move smooth and fast.
• Take a deep breath. Let it out with a sigh
* Now, sit or stand, and let moving smooth out your energy to this music.

On another note
On another note, we all have a lot of ironing to do. Remember The Waltons?  Jason enters an amateur talent contest and treats his family to the Ironing Board Blues.

Why not raise a hand to those around you and far away, especially relationships where there are lots of wrinkles. Dance on behalf of these crazy human relationships. Smooth, jerky, and quirky moves are appropriate>

P.S. Ironing as art
PPS On Monday Morning’s Email blog: Urgent Messages from Earth Elders

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.

SUZANNAH JOLENE AND THE DOMESTIC GODDESSES IRON THINGS OUT. An interactive, improvisational performance where you can get some wisdom for the wrinkles of the heart and your shirt pressed all at the same time. A  zany cast of characters (InterPlayers) next to their IRONING BOARD ICONS offer advice, as Suzannah Jolene Wisener, gently probes the problem and correctly irons whatever item of clothing you’ve “brought to the board.”

Suggested Donation: $10 ($2 discount when you bring an item to iron)
A pecentage of the proceeds will benefit Midway Shelter of Alameda, which provides safety for women and children who are suffering from homelessness and domestic violence. http://www.midwayshelter.org


2 Responses to Extreme Ironing for Men and Goddesses

  1. Theron says:

    the El Abuelo poem and video is _so_ beautiful and moving – thank you for that…

  2. trish watts says:

    loved the extreme sport of ironing! and I thought New Zealand was the leader in extreme sports…I realize I’m wrong! thanx…a very fun theme to explore…more on these domestic ordinary daily events turned upside down please

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