Baaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyy me!

*Baaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyy yourself!
*InterPlayful Babying practices
*Raise a hand in blessing


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

Baaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyy yourself!

Gotta love babies
babies ARE NOT perfect. Babies just are.
You might just have a baby movin, cooin, cryin inside.
Say, “ahhhhhhhhhh.”
Take time and space for baby love.

InterPlayful Babying practices (choose one)

Wrap arms around you and hug
Nap for two seconds
Rock, sway, squirm or flop
Sing fake lullabies to you
Do Baby Kungfu
Ask to be picked up….(smile)
Oh, baby!

Raise a hand in blessing
We were all babies once. Raise a hand in a dance of blessing to the babies we once were and sometimes still are.
Catch the blessings being sent your way to Gloria Gaynor singing “I love you baby.”

By the way I was born 55 years ago today as were some of you! Go Babies!

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.


15 Responses to Baaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyy me!

  1. Gigi Koser says:

    THIS WAS JUST WHAT I NEEDED!!! Wedding coming up in two weeks, and crazy new computer system at work requiring I work 15 hour days… And I can still baby myself! In fact, it’s required.
    Appreciating Interplay!

  2. Stacy says:

    Happy Birthday, Miss Cynthia!

    (And who is that amazing baby starring in the photo?! What a cutie!)

  3. Celia says:

    Happy Birthday, fellow Gemini baby! I’m celebrating mine tonight (even though it’s not until the 30th), so we’ll do some singing and dancing On Behalf of you tonight, Oh InterPlay Goddess!


  4. Roberta says:

    Have a swell day and dance, play and baby yourself. ask for what you want!!!

  5. Happy birthday, Cynthia, Gemini baby! Friday virtual Interplays are a weekly surprise and satisfaction. Such a break from the schedule, and I practice every one. Nap for 3 seconds. What a fabulously cozy idea. Love, Lauren

  6. cynthia says:

    hi all,

    birthday connections! YES! best wishes on all, including that wedding gigi

  7. Carol Kassner says:

    Cynthia, Goddess indeed. Have a wonderfully happy 55th. I hope that you will be babied and will baby yourself. I delight in the Friday morning Interplay invitations. Blessings.

  8. Lisa Laing says:

    Happy Natal Day to you Cynthia! May we all remember the baby within and nurture the sweetness, wonder and exploration of our inner imp! Hope your day is full of such wonder and nurture. Smiles and a big birthday hug dear friend.

  9. Dina Claussen says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Baby – as the song goes – have a fantastic, playful, loving Birthday month! Love ya Dina

  10. beverly voss says:

    Much too lazy to get up; just did the funnest hand and foot waggling dance here in the chair. Great music. energizing!

    At my consult group this morning (all seriousness), we suddenly looked out the large window that has a small reflecting pool nearby. A day-care center had released about a dozen 2-year olds who were toddling out like little ducks, all round and chubby and diaper-walking (you know that kind of waddle from the swaddle?).

    Great reminders to see the world and celebrate one and all. Happy B’day and thanks for these Friday treasures. Love, Bev

  11. Jane says:

    Happy Birthday fellow 55 year old!
    I enjoyed this week’s theme so much.
    I realized as a parent of an almost 12 year old, I need to baby myself DAILY!
    Caroline and I played this am and I gave myself permission to be whiney and oh so lazy.
    Thank you SO MUCH for these weekly gifts of connection.

  12. Pwll says:

    Dear Cynthia, You make me so happy! I loved your birthday party at the “real” Friday morning, and now I’m loving the “virtual” Friday morning in the afternoon! Have a glorious weekend.

  13. Happy Birthday, Cynthia! It looks like I was part of a community that thought you’d like Babies! LOVE the context in which you chose to share it here, how perfect!

  14. Indi Dieckgrafe says:

    Hey Baby Buddy Cynthia – Happy Happy Day! Wishing you all the best in spirit , play and love. THANK YOU for being here. Mondays and Fridays keep me IN my life. Miss you ! CELEBRATE !

  15. Elaine says:

    CYNTHIA!-So you have a May birthday? Imagine that….so do I! My birthday was May 16th…..And I am 3 years older than you. Hope you had a Happy Birth-day!

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