Doodle de do doing

(doodle by sybil who can't pray and can't draw a cat but found doodling helped her meditate)

Breathe in, Breathe out
Get ready for a little doodle dance.
Wanna doodle more?
Raise a hand in blessing


Take a deep breath and let it out with a siiiiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhhhh.
(Wonderful to recall that breath unites us- no wonder it gets attention in most religions)

Breathe in, Breathe out

Shake out one hand.
Shake out the other.
Shake out whatever you’re sitting on.
Moosh your face around. Massage your scalp.
Say doodle-de-doo a few times.
Feel a little beat?
Doodles are good for you.

Get ready for a little doodle dance.

InterPlayer Sybil MacBeth stumbled on doodling as a spiritual practice and discovered a way to doodle on behalf of others. Now kids, churches, all kinds of folks are doodly-doo-ing it. She says, Doodling is like shaping with markers and pens and it leads her to Stillness.

Got a paper and some pens or crayons? Even a pencil is fine. Sybil says,
1. Draw a shape. Write Higher Power, Spirit of the Universe, or God in that shape OR leave it empty as a window to the mystery of the Divine.
2. Doodle, color or shade it in as a way to invite that presence into this time-with or without words. Do this for 3 minutes. Use an egg timer.
3. At the end of the three minutes, take a deep breath; let it out with a sigh.

Wanna doodle more?
1. Draw a shape with the name of someone for whom you care for. Doodle/color for 3 minutes.
2. Take a deep breath at the end of the three minutes. Shake it out if what you were doodling about is especially heavy.
3. Repeat for others. At the end of the whole process, take a few deep breaths, shake it out.
Examples here!

Raise a hand in blessing
The spirit of play moves us beyond ourselves. Play the Noodlin Rag (thanks perry como) and raise your hand to north south east and west, up and down as you let your hand noodle around in every direction sending and receiving connection.

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.

See more about Sybil on next Monday Morning’s email on InterPlay in Education


One Response to Doodle de do doing

  1. beverly voss says:

    Having doodled for years, used doodling in Creative Journaling workshops, I love this expansion of it–can imagine using it in IP as a precursor to the solo hand dance–I keep looking for more ways to integrate the visual arts into IP. Thank you! BV aka Verlene

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