Rhythms of the Heart

Masankho playing djembe in Bali

Practice Spirit of the Djembe
Body Wisdom reflection/poem
Dance of Connection movement


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

Practice Spirit of the Djembe
Practice: Find your pulse with hand to heart, neck, or wrist. Check in with the rhythm in you! Tap your foot.

Welcome to the spirit of the djembe beat (4 year old Isaiah Chevrier )

Body Wisdom reflection/poem
Sharie Bowman, MFT and InterPlay Seattle Life Practice leader learned that djembe means gather together. She says, “I was searching for answers of how to come to peace with the sudden, totally unexpected death of a client. I attended my creative expression supervision group and the art of the month to explore was a rhythm circle. I was immediately drawn to the Djembe drum. As we focused on our clients that we were bringing to supervision we drummed first in sort of unison energy and then in a more dissonant energy. The dissonance felt so powerful and healing for me. After drumming we were given time to journal. This is what emerged.

Rhythms of the Heart

Deep within the Soul
Lies a place where all is well…
Connected to the rhythms of life.
My body feels whole and strong.
I know my strength and power.
I hold myself in love.
I hold the world in compassion.
I offer my heart to gift and serve…
All in the rhythm of my heart.
When it was my turn to share I only wanted to return to the comfort of the drum. First I held the drum and talked. Then I read my poem. Then I was invited to drum and read my poem. I felt a sense of drumming on behalf of my client and his family and friends and sending a blessing to them. As I did I felt my spirit recenter and come back to a sense of strength and peace. The group reflected back the power they felt that had come through. I later looked up the meaning of Djembe…the translation I found said “gather together”. I felt that the Djembe had “gathered together” some shattered parts of my soul and perhaps my client’s too…as I drummed the rhythms of my heart.

Dance of Connection movement
Need to move some love, grief, or whatever? As you raise your hand to dance in connection with people around the world, enjoy Emiliana Torrini singing and sounding like a jungle drum. Let your heart beat and the power of life arise!

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.


2 Responses to Rhythms of the Heart

  1. Candy says:

    Deep within the Soul….
    Lies a place where all is well….

    This morning the news came to me like a nightmare in the awakened state. My brother-in-law committed suicide. A young beautiful young man with an amazing spirit.

    I wished you all could’ve known him, he was ‘one of us’ an Interplayer at heart. He never made it to an actual workshop or retreat.($ was always an issue or an excuse)I wanted so much for him to meet Phil. To have a community of people that “saw” him and accepted him; for the beautiful person that he was/is. To have support from others from which his sexual preference and his skin color didn’t offend or scare anyone. But to learn to embrace and play with those qualities within himself.

    I am dancing with guilt. Asking questions: I should’ve…. Why didn’t I…. What could I…

    I can’t write more…

    Thank you for the perfect timing and for being who you are…

  2. Donna O'Keefe says:

    I did not know what djembe meant. Thank you, I will go home and gather together
    my pieces. Peace and gratitude.

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