SpiritPlay: Foundation-Decoration (or I love my Shruti Box)

Shruti Box


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.

Listen and play

Listen, hum or oooooo along with Heart – Love is Divine Power (cello and Shruti Box)

At InterPlayce I saw Ellen Solot with a small wooden box with a hand bellow. She pressed the bellow and out came a simple foundational drone in the key of C. Over this she sang a Jewish chant. I immediately wanted one, a small breathing tonal accompaniment that supports my voice and spirit to breathe and travel. I got my shruti box at Christmas. Inspired in India, this shruti was made in Europe and sold by improvisor Ron Kravitz in Pennsylvania. In Chennai, India teaching a day long workshop, my shruti box helped me lead toning when I had a cold. This week for the first time since my trip it gave me a base over which to let my heart reach and sing. How nice to not be both foundation and decoration!

Perhaps  I am shruti box, a small bellowing, tone soul. Sometimes providing foundation for other things to play.


Let these 30 second shruti tones be a foundation for a little vocal play.

Now just take some deep breaths and be a shruti. Enjoy the bellows you have been given that sustain your heart, mind, and life. Give thanks.

Raise a hand in Blessing
When we dance hand to hand we often practice opening the space between us. We can often feel that connection even when we aren’t right together.
 Raise a hand in blessing. Turn in a full circle (or not) and know that others are sending blessings to you too. Move while listening to a short bansuri flute over shruti drone by Clint Goss.

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.


You can learn more about Ron Kravitz, his improvisational path, and the shruti’s he sells at http://www.musicinthemoment.com/ He likes to talk to people on the phone! 215-233-0777, that’s how I found out we were kindred spirits. Thanks Ron


2 Responses to SpiritPlay: Foundation-Decoration (or I love my Shruti Box)

  1. Adam says:

    Wonderful! Immidiately, I found tones both resonant and disonnent to add and was transported from my desk into a sea of vibration and sound. And it plays one note? Sounds like an instrument that I have time to learn to play, too! Thank you!!!

  2. Donna Fromm says:

    thank you! How fun….like getting a ride on a magic carpet to wherever one wants to go….

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