It’s time for some EASY FOCUS

Easy Focus Is list/poem
Her Story/Our Story story/video
Shape and Stillness vide0/ movement meditation

Created by: Anita Bondi and Stan Stewart’s Monday night Improv Lab
We are lucky to have a great group of people to play with on a weekly basis.  They love improvisation and exploration.  Some nights we dig deep and some nights we play light.  Some weeks we have a theme and some weeks we let the theme arise from what is going on with the group.  We always have live music, exceptional leadership, and tons of gratitude for the gift of InterPlay. This week we spent the night playing with Easy Focus.  Here are a few of our musings.


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh….

Easy Focus is list/poem
~all and nothing
~when it blurs together
~soft, like warm dough
~a lovely reminder
~harder inside than outside
~relaxing and beyond the head
~sometimes challenging
~ right brain
~ahhh and breath
~a playful swing

Her Story story
(from the newly released InterPlay Inspiration Deck)

When Easy Focus was a little girl she used to lie in the grass for hours, softening her eyes and noticing how many different shapes she could see in the clouds.  As a grown up, she found that the secret to seeing the “bigger picture” was as easy as recreating the focus she had practiced as a child. Easy Focus knows that everything and everyone are connected in one big spiral dance.  When she forgets, she just grabs that tense, scrunched-up place between her eyebrows, throws her hand into the air, and yells, “Wheeeee!”

Our Story video

After Easy Focus told us her story, we had a chance to tell her ours.  Some of us decided to send her a postcard (one of our favorite InterPlay verbal forms).  We lined up and took turns.  Watch and enjoy or add your own!

Shape and Stillness video/ movement meditation

Begin to watch this video of our class doing easy focus shape and stillness with your hard “focuser”.  Just watch one person, switch to another person.  Now, begin to soften your focus and take in the entire scene.  Expand your senses and hear the music.  Engage more easy focus and see the room you are in right now and your body in the space.  Begin to join the dance by making your own shapes either seated or standing.  As the music ends bring your hand into the air.  Pause for a moment and notice your shape, the air around you, the silence.  As you turn in a circle, keep an easy focus and see all those with you blessing you as you bless them.

Today, easy focus is your friend!

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.


Note: Anita Bondi and Stan Stewart are certified InterPlay leaders who live in the Pocono Mountains in PA.  They have an Improv Lab that meets every Monday at 7:30pm.  Anyone wishing to visit and join is always welcome to come, play, and stay overnight!  Anita has just released The InterPlay Inspiration Deck, which is proving to be a wonderful tool for introducing people to InterPlay, a daily dose of InterPlay for personal practice, a guide for Focus Sessions, not to mention a great gift!  To order one, go to or visit the InterPlay website. Anita also makes InterPlay jewelry and is happy to design one especially for you!  Stan is having a great time creating weekly improvisational music with his looper and the many instruments he brings along with him. This week he was heard playing a few different tin cans and even his iphone!  He is available to do workshops in Improvisational music and singing.  He would be happy to travel to you!  Get in touch with him and/or purchase some of his music on the Mandala Designs website. Find Stan and Anita at


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