The Body Wisdom of Mother Universe

“A Glorious Dawn” video/movement

Mother Earth-Tender story

Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth photos/video

Hand-Dance through/with/of the Stars movement


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh….

“A Glorious Dawn” a Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking REMIX video/movement

At the opening of this video, Carl Sagan, the legendary astrophysicist, educator, and creator of the award-winning television series, Cosmos, says, “I’m not very good at singing songs but here’s a try.”

Enjoy his InterPlayful vocal sound, make your own, then let yourself GROOVE to the beat and the awe of the concept, “A still more glorious dawn awaits. Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise. A morning filled with 400 billion suns. The rising of the milky way.”

Mother Earth-Tender story
by Dorothy Finnigan
I talked to my mother last night. She is originally from the Philippines and currently lives in Florida. She’s endured countless challenges in her 62 years and each time has emerged stronger. She’s an earth-tender if there ever was one. Plants and bugs and birds flourish in her presence. Even the soil becomes richer at her touch. She lives deeply connected and committed to the ecosystem she is humbly apart of.

Florida, along with the rest of the South Eastern United States, is currently enduring an unbelievably cold winter. Kids in northern Florida are throwing snowballs for the first time.

“You know what’s so funny?” my mother rhetorically asked me over the phone, “That avocado tree learned to resist the cold. Last year when it got below freezing one night, all but two of the avocados turned brown. And this year, the temperature has frozen over and over again, and the avocado tree is just standing there. S/he’s just standing there. Enduring. The fruit is still so good. You know Dorothy, challenges make you strong.”

Note: The above s/he is not a typo. In my mother’s dialect, Visayan, there is only one word for both “she” and “he.”

And speaking of language, I recently learned that in an indigenous language of North Eastern Alaska, the word for “spine,” “land,” and “you,” are the same.

Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth photos/video

On this NASA website you can click on the “Discover the cosmos!” link and see a new gorgeous photograph of the cosmos every day. Is it a coincidence that here you can also watch the inspiring video of Matt Harding dancing with people ALL OVER OUR STUNNING PLANET!?

Hand-Dance through/with/of the Stars

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. There is so much beauty to behold, and to be grateful for.

Gaze at the palm of your hand as you would gaze at the night sky.

Consider that we are made of star dust and that as astral bodies dance through space, we dance through our lives on this planet.

Do a one-hand dance to the soundtrack of your own sighing, singing, or sound-making, and know that you are not only dancing with friends of all species around the globe, but with Mother Universe herself.

You are one expression of the awesome beauty of the cosmos. You are a blessing.


Note: This week’s Virtual Friday InterPlay was prepared by Dorothy Finnigan. Dorothy Finnigan, InterPlay Administrative Assistant, was born into an intercultural, interability, interstate household. (Explanation: Her mom is from a small island in the Philippines, her brother has cerebral palsy, and because her father is a professional juggling teacher they lived in a motorhome traveling the country from state to state and school to school facilitating interdisciplinary intergenerational workshops until she was 18 years old.) After she traveled solo around the world paying her way by busking on the street, she attended Yale University where she studied the intersection of Religion and Ecology. She decided to walk-out of Yale in 2008 in order to live her beliefs in the interrelation of personal health and planetary health through the little-understood mechanism of community health. As soon as she leapt out of the Ivory Tower she landed in a pile of InterPlay and has been joyously falling in love with members of the community ever since. Watch Dorothy’s Big Body Story about from WING IT!’s 20th Anniversary concert last fall.


5 Responses to The Body Wisdom of Mother Universe

  1. Donna Fromm says:

    Thank you Dorothy…..Hurray! Wonderful! Thank you thank you!…………………………………

  2. Cassandra Sagan says:

    Autotune the universe! Great Virtual InterPlay Dorothy–I love the story from your mom, especially because rotten avocadoes have always made me sad. xoxoxo

  3. Connie Pwll says:

    Dorothy, this was wonderful. I’m so attached to all these NASA photos, to the universe — this spoke right to me! Your mother is incredible! (You, too!)

  4. I loved Matt’s Dance…on the eve of going to Tanzania to donate used wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, glasses, I’m extremely tired ’cause I’ve been sick for 2 weeks. Matt’s video reminded me of the connection, strength, and fun that dancing provides in my life. I love to dance in TZ, and will be there soon.
    Thanks also to Dorothy, loved it all, your mom’s story is great! Yeah, mom; yeah, avacadoes.

  5. Jody Mckinney says:


    So fun and creative and purposeful!!! Now I get what you are doing – thanks to the videos. My favorite was the dancing one but all were excellent!!!

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