Bodypsalm for the New Year

Cynthia Winton-Henry

Practice movement

Bodypsalm for the New Year poem

InterPlay Warm-Up video

Raise A Hand in Blessing movement


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh….

Practice movement

Let’s practice the art of time-less-ness, be present now.

Raise your arms, connecting to your height and depth.

Open your arms wide to all relations.

Gather into your center.

Embrace that.

Being in body is the fastest way to come home, the fastest way to connect, the fastest way to know truth, the fastest way to be you.

Bodypsalm for the New Year poem
By Celeste Snowber

The New Year is not outside you

inside is a hundred new years

built of sentences and syllables

of spacious possibilities

it is not the weight on your body you need to loose

but the thoughts which carry far more gravity

than any pounds or kilograms of extra flesh

you are being called to a

flesh of the heart

a heart of flesh

where body and mind and soul

sing alleluias in crisp air

and you are ushered

to a season of c o m p a s s i o n

on just about everything and everyone

you could imagine and not imagine

compassion on judgments and unmet expectations

for yourself, unfinished projects and

humans beings in all shapes, sizes, and forms in your life

your untidy house, or untidy heart, or untidy car

and find it within you

to take joy, eat joy, drink joy

of small beauties within you

and in front of you

and become wide awake

to the adventure of your own life

waiting, wooing, wanting

to BE in the life you are in

so take off your socks or put on your socks

and walk into this New Year

with the levity

of giving yourself

a break and brake

from the constant demands

of what you think you should do

and BE

the glorious YOU

only you can be.

InterPlay Warm-Up video
with Phil Porter

Raise A Hand in Blessing movement

When we dance hand to hand we often practice opening the space between us. We can often feel that connection even when we aren’t right together.
 Raise a hand in blessing. Turn in a full circle (or not) and know that others are sending blessings to you too. Connect and bless others with Trish Watt’s new CD “Gajara-Singing Peace” honoring InterPlay India as we “Dance Our Lives.”

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.


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  1. Linda Clare says:

    I miss you guys.

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